Sure, this looks largely like an Audi Q7. What if we told you, though, that it was actually a Bentley? This may be one of the very first sets of images we've seen of the aristocratic brand's SUV. Based on the borrowed Audi bodywork, however, testing appears to be in the early stages.

While it may look like an Audi Q7, there are a number of giveaways. One of the more subtle are the British number plates, in place of the traditional German plates that would be found were this a mule for the next Q7. Other changes are more noticeable. According to our spies, this mule is much wider, while its fenders have also been enlarged to accommodate larger wheels and tires.

Out back, four exhaust pipes jut out from the lower fascia, while larger brakes are hidden behind black wheels. The big indicator that this is something special, though, can be seen in the front fascia. The heavily modified front clip is home to two massive intakes below the headlights. According to our spies, these conceal a pair of intercoolers. Whether they are for Bentley (and Audi's) twin-turbocharged, 4.0-liter V8 or the 6.0-liter W12 is unclear.

Of course, should any more details arise on Bentley's new high-rider, we'll be sure to pass it along. Until then, hop up top and have a look at our spy images.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Months Ago
      Carscoops looked up the registration plates, and it says a 6L engine -- so this is definitely the W12.
      • 4 Months Ago
      How the heck do they see a Bently in that?
      • 7 Months Ago
      Kinda cheapens it. Doesn't it?
      • 7 Months Ago
      If you look up the registration number of the car on any British vehicle history check web site, it does indeed come up with Bentley as make, and "Unknown" as model, so yes, at least it's a mule for _something_ that Bentley considers manufacturing.
      • 7 Months Ago
      This is not earth-shaking news. Within the Volkswagen Group, there has been a lot of platform-sharing in its truck (SUV) lines. Porsche even used the Tuareg platform for its Cayenne before it joined the VW Group. Bentley Continentals and the VWPhaeton use the steel version of the FWD/AWD aluminum Audi Space Frame (ASF). The next-gen Continentals will share a RWD/AWD platform engineered by Porsche.
      • 6 Months Ago
      As long as it doesn't look like that last Bentley SUV prototype-the one with the bad proportions, weird headlights & just plain sucked. I think a Bentley SUV should be a big, bad, body on frame Luxo monster.
      That Mike
      • 7 Months Ago
      Why???????? If you must I want W12, heated/cooled massaging seats, sky view roof, fiber optics stars lighting, futon lounger (like from the custom vans from the 80s/90s), chandelier set, wool shag rugs, and full wall to wall curtains and all windows.