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A Hyundai Tiburon is shown on display at a Hyundai deal... A Hyundai Tiburon is shown on display at a Hyundai dealership in Burlingame, Calif., Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2009. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)
A Montana jury has levied a $248 million ruling against Hyundai in the case of a crash that killed two occupants in July 2011. The automaker plans to appeal the ruling.

Cousins Trevor and Tanner Olson were driving a 2005 Hyundai Tiburon when they hit another vehicle head-on. According to lawyers representing their family, the steering knuckle on the car cracked and this allegedly caused it to lose control. Hyundai claimed that fireworks had been let off inside the vehicle, which caused the driver to swerve. The company alleges that evidence that could have proved its innocence was barred from the case.

The jury found in favor of the family and awarded them about $8 million in damages after a two-week trial. It claimed that Hyundai had shown "actual malice," according to Reuters. The jurors also slammed Hyundai with a further $240 million in punitive damages.

Hyundai told Reuters that it plans to appeal immediately and called the verdict "outrageous."

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 10 Months Ago
      And GM was fined only $39M for their ignition switch fiasco which potentially caused 13 deaths. Where's the justice?
      Kaz Maslanka
      • 10 Months Ago
      I had an Hyundai Elantra - it was one of the best cars I have ever had.
      • 10 Months Ago
      Who gets the punitive damages money..
      • 10 Months Ago
      I'm glad the jury found in favor of the families that lost two people in an unnecessary accident. Hyundai has full knowledge of problems with their cars and they are looking the other way. We have been fighting with them for months because of problems with our 2007 Hyundai Elantra. It randomly shuts off while we are driving it! On the interstate, on secondary roads. It doesn't matter at what speed. They don't want to admit when something is wrong. They will wait until more lives are lost just like GM did before they will address the issues. I say good for the jury for standing up for the little guy for once.
      • 10 Months Ago
      a steering knuckle cracking will not cause a vehicle to lose control ..Saying that is like the fire dept claiming a cigarette caused the fire after checking a buliding burned to tyher ground ... Its al BS
      • 10 Months Ago
      I want to know the name of the fool judge who allowed this fiasco. He needs to step down and find other employment.
      • 10 Months Ago
      $248 million is ridiculous. If they eventually get a tenth of this amount I'd be surprised. I suspect Hyundai's "actual Malice" came after the Knucklehead attorney for the plaintiff turned down a reasonable settlement offer.I also suspect the steering knuckle broke as a result of the crash. Lets not put the cart before the horse. And Fireworks!!!!
      • 10 Months Ago
      Punitive damages? For what? For daring to defend yourself against a lawsuit? If the steeromg knuckle had broke on a slew of Elantra's and the company refused to acknowledge the problem I might understand assessing punitive damages but the article doesn't note this as a defect occuring in any other instances.
      • 10 Months Ago
      Type your comment here$248 Million? To award that much money they would have to have killed to generations of this family. Absolutely ridiculous.
        • 10 Months Ago
        Don;t worry. It will be appealed and struck down. But that local judge will get reelected in a landslide!
      • 10 Months Ago
      Let's get Obama out of office ASAP so we can create jobs, not free healthcare for the homeless.
      • 10 Months Ago
      am0714 What do I have? Two six cylinder American built vehicles and one eight cylinder one. I would be glad to run both your tin cans off the road and all three will exceed 100 mph easily unlike yours which would probably blow up at 70 mph.
      • 10 Months Ago
      I guess that there should be some kind of sanity test before you can serve on a jury. This verdict is plainly insane. If upheld, the company would probably declare bankruptcy.
        • 10 Months Ago
        $248 million is a drop in the bucket to Hyundai. They are a family run chaebol, with very deep pockets.the amount represents a fraction of one of their super tankers that Hyundai builds in Ulsan. That said, this is way over the top in terms of a jury award.
          • 10 Months Ago
          A drop in the bucket? Oh, good. then let's everyone sue them for another drop.
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