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Are Houston Drivers The Rudest In The Country?

It seems Southern hospitality doesn't extend to the roadways. Drivers in Houston, Texas, were found to be the least courteous drivers in America, according to a newly released Driver's Seat Road Rage Survey.

The survey was conducted by AutoVantage, which ranks American cities based on road etiquette and aggressive behavior, along with the research firm Prince Market Research. They asked 2,500 drivers in 25 major metropolitan areas who drove more than three times a week how often they saw other drivers speeding, tailgating, cutting others off or slamming on their brakes.

Houston was found to have the highest incident of these bad behaviors. Joining Houston at the top of the list of least courteous cities is Atlanta in second place and Baltimore at third. Crunchy Portland, Oregon, is still has the most courteous drivers, along with Pittsburg and St. Louis. Driver's in Baltimore are meaner than when the survey was first release, they're driving etiquette dropped 20 spots from third most to third least in ranking.

There are other contenders for the city with the worst drivers. Last year, Slate.com found that Miami has the worst drivers, though it wasn't lack of courtesy that was their problem. Slate looked at years of data about traffic accidents, automotive fatalities, alcohol-related driving deaths and pedestrian strike rates as indicators of bad driving. Miami experiences a jaw-dropping 35 hit-and-runs a day.

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      • 8 Months Ago
      I wasn't the most courteous person on the road when I lived in Houston. I was a Travel Nurse and had a 6 month contract at a local hospital. I think it is the worst traffic I have ever been in. The 23 miles to the hospital would sometimes take over 2 hours to drive. So, it does not surprise me to see Houston in 1st place.
      • 8 Months Ago
      Gee, and I always heard that drivers on Chicago's Dan Ryan Expressway are the #1 rudest. They often celebrate this by waving 1 finger at each other. ☺
      • 8 Months Ago
      Minnesota nice is a myth - some of the worst drivers on planet Earth - then there are the bicyce and motorcycle road hogs - law enforcement in MN are afraid of the motorcyclers
      • 8 Months Ago
      Guess they have never driven in Metro Atlanta....bunch of jerk off's driving.
      • 8 Months Ago
      The sad thing about this story, is that there are millions of families being made homeless due to republican senators such as John Boehner, who have refused to pass the unemployment extension bill, for the more than 2.6 million families unemployed without benefits since last December. While the republicans held the bill hostage in the senate, in order to have the Koch brother's XL Oil Pipeline passed in return for their vote, millions of families have had to face evictions, home foreclosures, bankruptcy, and homelessness. These politicians have used these unfortunate people as bargaining chips, and for political leverage, not caring about the impact to these families lives, and credit. Our government recently passed a foreign aid package worth BILLIONS for the Ukraine, but will not help poor working families in this country? They can bailout huge industries with tax payer's money, but will not pass an extension bill to save families from having to be evicted from their homes ?
      • 8 Months Ago
      doesn't matter what party is in power the dmv metro area has some of the dumbest drivers in the u.s. kinda scary when you think the area's main business is government
      • 8 Months Ago
      Atlanta is less a city but rather a metro area. My guess is only about 25% have any roots in the area. The city was thrown together. Same for towns and city's around it. Atlanta became a city for one reason. Railroads. It's still the rail hub of the southeast US. Many of the towns were built because the RR put a station there. So no real pattern to how it's laid out. The railroads still play a part but as most should know it has the busiest airport in the world. It passed O'Hare some 15 years back. Add the traffic from three interstate highways that intersect to a population of around 5 million and you have congestion most of the day and night.
      • 8 Months Ago
      The dumbest drivers goes to Nashville.
      • 8 Months Ago
      These people obviously haven't been to DC
      • 8 Months Ago
      Every single day I see about one out of six to seven drivers with their heads looking down or to the right and down, TEXTING. Unbelievable. How in the hell did the rest of us get through life w/o cell phones and texting all those years? THIS GENERATION IS SO FULL OF SELF GRATIFICATION. AND IT'S DEADLY.
      • 8 Months Ago
      Hi Morons!
      • 8 Months Ago
      I think it's safe to say there are a whole lot more rude drivers everywhere than in the past. And people wonder why their kids grow up to be jerks!
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