John Scotti Collection Auction

Talk about the paradox of choice. Auctions America's Auburn Spring sale includes roughly 450 cars at no reserve from the John Scotti collection from Montreal, Canada. Scotti is a well-known classic car dealer, but he's clearing out much of his inventory at the auction that runs from May 8-10 at the Auburn Auction Park in Auburn, IN.

The collection of cars runs the gamut with something for every auto enthusiast. While the selection tends toward American classics from the '50s, '60s and '70s, there are also some vintage European cars from Jaguar and Rolls-Royce and more modern supercars including three Lamborghini Diablos, an Acura NSX and a very sweet Porsche 911 Slantnose. The prices seem generally reasonable with many lots available with estimates at less than $20,000, and with no reserve there could be some bargains as well. There are so definite oddities in the bunch, too, like a rotary-engined 1969 NSU RO80 and the love-it-or-hate-it shape of a 1984 Aston Martin Lagonda.

Even if you can't attend the auction or afford the classics, you can watch it on the NBC Sports Network. Click through our gallery for a smattering of the cars on the block, or if you have the time, wade through the whole collection, here. It will be time well wasted.