• May 1, 2014
Anti-Tesla flyerWe'd like to give our heartfelt thanks to Ryan Block, former editor of Autoblog sister site Engadget, for sharing on Twitter one of the wackiest bits of anti-Tesla writings we've every come across. This is well beyond the anti-Tesla rage that once dominated conservative media coverage – it steps fully into tinfoil hat territory. We're not doctors, but perhaps someone needs lithium in its pharmaceutical form.

Did you know, for example, that, "By driving a Tesla, you are involved in organized crime"? Or that, "By driving a Tesla, you are saying you have no morals"? Or even that, "By driving a Tesla, you are supporting spying?"

Yes, friends, all this and more is explained (somewhat) in a small-font pamphlet that Block found, photographed and put up on Twitter yesterday. According to Block, the flyers have been distributed around San Francisco, being left anonymously on the windshields of parked Teslas. We can't quite follow all of the logic thrown together here, but it appears that someone is mad at the electric vehicle manufacturer for its ties to the government, Google and the media.

Then there's this: "Psychographic, demographic and marketing studies have been published showing that Tesla drivers have a higher-than-average inclination towards drugs, strange sexual behavior and risk." We don't know if Tesla drivers are as extreme as all that, but there was at least one Model S driver who was recently spotted doing some odd moves in and out of his sunroof (see video below). Did we mention that Model S seats are known to cause "anal itching"? Maybe it's all part of the conspiracy.

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