Dub Box Camper

Whether known as the Transporter, Kombi or simply the Bus, the Volkswagen Type 2 became almost as much of a style icon as the Beetle, but it just went out of production. However, a couple in England is keeping the design alive with its Dub Box camper. Mixing the classic, '60s VW look with retro interior design and some modern features, the result is a very attractive little trailer. For about the past year, they have also been available in the US.

With an insulated interior, gas stove and electrical hookup, the Dub Box has everything you would need for a fun weekend of camping or tailgating. The body is made from fiberglass and rides on a steel frame, and they can even be specified with a pop-up roof and a double bed. The standard Dub Box (pictured above) is just about 16 feet long, a little over 6 feet wide. Prices start at around $22,000 in the US. There is also a food cart version starting at about the same price that offers a really cool available power-extending roof.

Dub Box USA produced its first trailer at its Oregon factory in January 2013. The company offers similar products as in the UK, but they are entirely made in America. According to Shane Medbury, one of the people who founded the US arm, the food cart market has been the most successful here. He told Autoblog that it already sold around 20 carts. Its success seems to be growing because it also has 20 pending orders. "We've shipped them all over," he said, including to Michigan, New York, Ohio and more. Scroll down for videos showing how Dub Box UK builds its campers, an overview about the company and the food cart's roof.
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