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Even thought demand in California for the Fiat 500e electric vehicle is growing, the fun little EV is about to grown its sales to the north. Fiat US chief Jason Stoicevich tells Wards Auto that sales of the EV will start in Oregon this summer, adding that green-minded Portland will likely be a strong market for the model.

Fiat 500e demand in California is "fantastic."

This year's first-quarter sales of the gas-powered and EV variants of the 500 were up about 19 percent from a year earlier, as a recent TV ad campaign featuring Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and the model's availability at about 220 dealerships appear to have been effective. Stoicevich didn't give any specific sales figures for the 500e, though he did say demand in California is "fantastic."

"After its introduction in California last year, the Fiat 500e has been a great success for our brand in just a short period of time," Fiat spokeswoman Angela Bianchi wrote in an e-mail to AutoblogGreen while confirming the debut of 500e sales in Oregon this summer. "Oregon is the second-largest ZEV (zero-emissions vehicle) state after California."

Late last year, Wards Auto named the 500e motor to its 10 Best Engines list, making the model the first Fiat ever to receive that honor. The 500e has 111 horsepower and can go 87 miles on a single charge. The 500e also won Road & Track's 2013 award for best electric car in November as the model was praised for its power and handling. Read our review of the 500e here.

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