Little more than a month after leaving the top slot at Volkswagen of India to become managing director of Holden, Australian outlets are reporting that Gerry Dorizas said he wants Holden to be number one in Oz market share by 2020. Dorizas says he believes it can be done with better and more youth-focused product, a better dealership experience and "a lot of work."

Even with all of that, it's an ambitious timeline. Holden has seen its once colossal 25-percent market share drop to 9.9 percent last year, only about half of Toyota's 19 percent and just a few hot breaths ahead of Mazda at 9.1 percent (the Corolla was the best selling car in Oz last year, dethroning the Mazda3 after three years by just 1,500 units). In fact, it's still in the danger zone presented by Hyundai at 8.6 percent. More worrying still, Holden's 2013 market share is a decline from its 12.8-percent share in 2011 and 10.4-percent share in 2012.

That 2020 target would also give it just three years after the cessation of Australian assembly operations for the rebound, and no one really knows how potential Holden intenders are going to react when the local manufacturing show is really over. And by now, we all know how motivated Toyota will be not to cede its crown. Dorizas is confident when he says, "[We] will come back," but he's paid to be. How he manages to make that happen, or not, will be a show worth watching.

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      Daniel D
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      As a current owner of a VF Commodore, I can say this guy is completely clueless. He will be the first of many GM executives shuffled in and out of Australia, as GM deals with the fact that they stuffed up in the Australian market by simply not understanding it and don't know what to do. Ford are in the same boat. Once number one in sales they struggle to stay in fifth place now and have pinned way to much on the Mustang turning that around. Chrysler will pick up some sales in Australia, but the reality is the US auto companies have lost the Australian market, a market they once owned between them. While their competition is much tougher, much of the loss has been self inflicted. This guys comments just reflect how out of touch Detroit is with the Australian market.