Back in December we received word that the FIA was preparing to open up the application process for a new team to join Formula One. A month later we heard that Gene Haas, founder of NASCAR team Stewart-Haas Racing, was throwing his proverbial hat in the ring. Now the word on the street circuit is that, not only is Haas the front-runner, but F1 organizers could allow a second new team in as well.

The identity of that second team has yet to be disclosed, but rumors have been pointing towards Colin Kolles making a comeback at the head of a new outfit. Kolles (pictured above) is an experienced (if somewhat unsuccessful) F1 strategist who has helmed the Jordan/Midland/Spyker/Force India team for four seasons and directed the newcomer Hispania Racing Team for three seasons (without a single championship point to show for it) until the team shut down. He's also co-founder of the Kodewa racing outfit responsible for the Lotus LMP2 program as well as its motorcycle startup, and is tipped to be pitching a Romanian entry to F1, but would, in all likelihood, base his operations in the UK.

As would Haas, despite its American origins. Apparently bearing no relation to Carl Haas (who ran teams in everything from Can-Am and NASCAR to Indy and even F1), as previously mentioned, the entry is being pitched by Gene Haas, founder of CNC tooling magnate Haas Automation and the Stewart-Haas Racing team with which the likes of Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman and Kurt Busch have all won races in the top-tier Sprint Cup – including the championship in 2011.

Both entries are reportedly pending confirmation from the FIA, but could be approved within the month and join the grid for next season.

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      • 1 Year Ago
      Are you sure about Haas basing out of the UK, I thought the early talk about his pitch included working out of North Carolina (at least initially).
        • 1 Year Ago
        Haas has a facility in Europe, although what is based where is unclear. He does have an agreement with Ferrari for engines.
        • 1 Year Ago
        I was thinking the same thing. I mean his wind tunnel is in NC, so why would he have ops based in the UK.
          • 1 Year Ago
          Because the majority of F1 teams are based in Woking or Milton Keynes. There are ZERO F1 engineers in the United States. Not only is the utter lack of F1 engineers a huge issue but Europe is much more central to the races. The transport costs alone would put a new team at a massive disadvantage. It would cost a ton and getting replacement parts made from a bad Friday practice to a good Qualifying session would be ridiculous.
        Chris Doan
        • 1 Year Ago
        I think you guys need to re-read the article again. There are two separate entries here, the Colin Kolles entry would be based in the UK while the article doesn't mention where Haas' operation would be based in but the "as would Haas.." part did threw me off a bit. But who knows, maybe R&D in the US but actual racing operations would be in the UK. The logistics of not having operations in Europe would make things uneccessarily expensive.
      • 1 Year Ago
      Kolles huh? I guess he wants to reclaim his place at the back of the grid...
      • 1 Year Ago
      Well now...
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