Porsche has never been afraid to introduce variants of its cars. However, its even higher spec, next-generation 911 GT3 RS may be delayed from its planned launch this summer while the engines in the standard GT3s (pictured above) are replaced.

A delay isn't certain, but executives want to make sure the high-strung mill is no longer a problem before they press forward with another model using it. Germany's Auto Motor und Sport asked Porsche CEO Matthias Müller about pushing back the launch, and he responded that it was too early to say. The company's current focus is making sure the engines get fixed and working on internal measures to prevent this kind of flaw in the future.

When fires claimed two 911 GT3s in Europe, Porsche initially stopped the model's sales and asked owners to stop driving them. It finally diagnosed the blazes as being caused by a loose screw on a connecting rod, which then resulted in crankcase damage and an oil leak. The company is replacing the engines on all 785 affected cars. A source told Autoblog that under 200 customers were actually affected, and the other cars were either at port or dealer lots. Hopefully, the recall doesn't postpone the road-going GT3 RS too far because we want to see what Porsche has up its sleeve.

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      at least they have detected the problem and act properly, in contrast to certain other sportscar manufacturers who let their cars burn and burn and burn.
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      Fire or no fire, the new GT3 is sex on wheels and I need one now.
      Deckard Rick
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      Legendary german quality built by immigrant turkish workers
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        @Deckard Rick
        this is a constructive problem with the engine mounts...racist pr*ck
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      Richard Hammond gets crap from May and Clarkson cuz of this LMAO!