Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo is an exciting brand. You could argue that the MiTo and Giulietta hatchbacks might not speak so much to that effect, but the 4C sure does. Fortunately, Alfa has every intention of keeping the 4C at the forefront of its lineup with a series of upgrades – one to come each year, according to Top Gear.

The production version of the compact mid-engined sports car launched just last year at the Geneva Motor Show, and this year the company returned with the 4C Spider concept that previews the production roadster to follow. That may prove the most substantial of the revisions Alfa has in mind for the 4C, but it may not be the last.

Just what Alfa will do next remains to be seen, but sources are already speculating on what could follow. Since the current 4C is a bare-bones affair – with a minimalist cabin and no trunk to speak of with the front hood welded shut – we're wouldn't be surprised to see a slightly more accommodating version follow. After that, it's anyone's guess.

Top Gear suggests a more hardcore version – it sure would be exciting to see the Quadrifoglio Verde adorn a more powerful 4C in the future. But we're still years off from seeing any such derivative come to fruition, so we'll just have to hold on tight for the time being and wait for Alfa to finally bring itself and the 4C to American showrooms.
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