The investigation that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened into the Jeep Liberty in October 2013 has been closed. NHTSA received two (!) complaints about fires starting in the driver's door, thought to be caused by the master power window switch. The initial estimate was that 80,000 Libertys could be roped into a possible recall, but according to a report in the Detroit News the agency examined records for 425,000 Chrysler products that used the same window switch, including the Dodge Nitro and Chrysler Town & Country minivan.

After canvassing 265 warranty claims related to the master switches, NHTSA concluded that the rate of fires compared to the "large population of vehicles" was rather low, and that there was no trend pattern behind the few issues it did find. Perhaps with that, and the closure of the trailer hitch investigation, the Liberty can finally rest in peace.

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      I'm going take exception with that exclamation point. Investigating rare instances of potentially fatal problems is what they do; if they didn't, there would be a lot of wider problems that were never discovered because of either under-reporting or outright cover up (as we've seen recently). As the old saying goes, where there's smoke there's fire, and in this case while there might not have been metaphorical fire where there was actual fire, it's good to know someone is looking in to things. PS I can't wait to see the libertarians arguments about wasteful government spending and the power of the free market to prevent exploding cars...
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      NHSTA, the agency that continually cries wolf, just like the credibility from government bafoons.
        Griffen W
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        I don't think you get how the NHSTA usually works. Someone else cries "wolf" and then the NHSTA is sent in to see if the wolf is actually there.
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      It seems like many of these recalls have to do with parts supplied to the car manufacturers. Does the investigation or litigation go back on them .I've said for a long time that a car can have great design and engineering, but the outsourcing of parts to low bid contracts will come back to haunt them.