Our intrepid spy photographers have caught prototypes for a new Fiat Doblo. Now we know what you might be thinking (particularly if you didn't take note of the headline): why would we care about an automaker conducting a facelift on a European cargo van? Normally we wouldn't, only the Fiat Doblo has another name, under which it will be shortly be sold here in America: Ram ProMaster City.

Announced just months ago, the ProMaster City is the smaller counterpart to the Ram ProMaster, which itself is also a rebadged cargo van from Fiat Professional. Think of it as a Chrysler version of the Ford Transit and Transit Connect lineup – European vans being brought Stateside by automakers that operate on both sides of the Atlantic.

But despite the official announcement of the vehicle's pending arrival, we still haven't seen the PMC yet. The disguised Doblo prototypes pictured here appear to be wearing a completely new front end and some cosmetic revisions to their tail ends, too. We can't see anything in the interior, but the fact that it was completely covered up suggests that Fiat is working on overhauling that, as well.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander, they say – only in this case, the goose is Fiat in Europe and the gander is Ram dealerships back in America.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      Winnie Jenkems
      • 9 Months Ago
      prediction: it will have a giant slab of black plastic bumper/grille combination unit, with the headlamps ridiculously mounted way up high on the hood, making the thing look like some kind of mentally challenged alien, just like its big brother. Seriously, styling doesn't have to be a top priority for a work van, but in the case of the Promaster it seems they have gone out of their way to make it as hideous as possible. The Doblo is already pretty good looking for a little van, just bring it over as-is, slap a Ram badge on and call it a day.
      • 9 Months Ago
      What, Town and Country Cargo van not good enough anymore?
      Bill Burke
      • 9 Months Ago
      Ram is just hitting it's potential in the pick-up market, but is no where near it's full potential in the various truck/van markets. With the Fiat connection and experience in all forms of commercial vehicles and Rams outstanding design and engineering assets, so much is yet to be created for Ram. Dodge use to dominate the commercial van market and with a combination of Fiat and the upcoming flexible van/lifestyle Chrysler Group platform n the works, the possibilities are endless. In ten years Ram could be the number one commercial vehicle manufacturer in North America. With Chrysler being the number one manufacturer in Canada, the future may be right there for all to see if not speculate about. Move over Ford and GM.... there is a storm brewing that looks to be "Ram Tough".
      • 9 Months Ago
      This prototype in the United States is actually a rebadged Fiat Qubo, not a Doblo: http://www.allpar.com/photos/vans/fiat/doblo-spy-van.jpg
      • 9 Months Ago
      The vans re all over the world.They are very comfortable and roomy.I hope they will cut into Ford's sales.