Jeremy Clarkson's childhood home

Jeremy Clarkson has become the star of Top Gear with his mix of hyperbole, funny faces and penchant for sometimes putting his foot in his month, and the auto writer's childhood home is now for sale in the UK for a cool 595,000 pounds ($988,848). In addition to the automotive connection, Clarkson's mother created the Paddington Bear stuffed toys there in the '70s.

The farmhouse was built in the 16th century and includes two reception rooms and two bathrooms. However, it's pretty obvious why Clarkson wouldn't want to buy the house himself. According to UK site Zoopla, the garage measures 21 feet long by 12.1 feet wide. That's hardly enough for his supercars.

The four-bedroom house is in the village of Burghwallis in the county of South Yorkshire, England. According to the listing, Shirley Clarkson invented the toys when she made two bears named Paddington as Christmas presents for her children. While she didn't write the original story, the stuffed bears became hugely popular. Click through the gallery for a glimpse into how Clarkson grew up.