During the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, Nissan showed off its Sport Sedan Concept (pictured above), an orange creation meant to foreshadow the next generation of the brand's "Four-Door Sports Car," the Maxima. For the 2014 Beijing Motor Show, though, Nissan is going to deliver a Chinese take on a future four-door, with the New Sedan Concept (imaginative name, we know).

Like the Nissan Friend-Me Concept from the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show, the NSC has been designed by Nissan Design China in Beijing. Outside of that, information is in short supply. Nissan claims this latest concept is targeted at the Chinese digital lifestyle. Whether it serves as an evolution of the Friend-Me's swoopy design or a regional take on Nissan's Detroit concept, though, remains to be seen.

We'll have the full slate of info on the Nissan New Sedan Concept, along with everything else that happens at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show, when the floor opens on April 23. Take a look below for the official press release from Nissan, which also includes a recap of previously debuted models that will be shown at Beijing.
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• World premiere of a new sedan concept that embodies Nissan's global design strategy and strong commitment to China as one of Nissan's most important markets
• Cutting-edge vehicles and technologies on display, such as the BladeGlider concept and Autonomous Drive car
• Nissan's flagship sedan, Teana, celebrates its 10th anniversary in China
• Further evolution of Nissan's global motor show booth with three-layer theater style
• Interactive communication with booth visitors using"Augmented Reality"during public days

HONG KONG, China (March 10, 2014) – Nissan is ready to shake up the 13th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2014).

Auto China 2014 runs from April 20 (press day) to April 29 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. Nissan (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (NCIC), in cooperation with Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company (DFL-PV) and Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd. (ZNA), will present an exciting line-up of more than 20 vehicles at Asia's largest motor show of the year.

The star of the show will be a new sedan concept which will make its world premiere. Also featured will be the BladeGlider concept, making its Chinese debut, and Nissan's latest global innovations, including the Autonomous Drive car.

Teana, Nissan's flagship sedan, celebrates its 10th anniversary in China this year and a special edition Teana will be on display. The two latest introductions, the all-new X-Trail and the new NV200 Xtronic® transmission, are expected to draw attention from booth visitors.

Nissan will deliver to Auto China 2014 a further-evolved global motor show booth with a distinctive three-layer theater style. During public viewing days, visitors will be able to experience new interactive communications through "Augmented Reality" technology.

New Sedan Concept
Last year at Auto Shanghai 2013, Nissan unveiled the Friend-ME concept, attracting attention from both the media and the Chinese "Post-80s" generation through its provocative design and connectivity features. This year at Auto China 2014, Nissan will reveal a new sedan concept for the Chinese digital lifestyle. The concept expresses Nissan's passion and focus in the world's most dynamic auto market.

Subsequent to Friend-ME in 2013, this concept car will be the second time for Nissan Design China (NDC), Nissan's newest global design center located in Beijing, to realize a concept car design in collaboration with the Nissan Global Design Center (NGDC) under the leadership and direction of Nissan Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer Shiro Nakamura.

BladeGlider Concept
BladeGlider redefines the driving experience with a unique center seat driver position, giving drivers and passengers alike a sense of automotive gliding. Highly aerodynamic, the narrow front and stable rear track reduce drag while generating downforce. The result is a powerful combination of road-hugging agility and hyper-efficiency. Heralded by global media as "cutting edge" and "awesome," BladeGlider will make its local debut at Auto China 2014.

Autonomous Drive Car
Nissan revealed the autonomous driving technology in August 2013 when the company committed to being ready with multiple, commercially viable Autonomous Drive cars by 2020. The system will be deployed across the model range within two vehicle generations. Nissan's Autonomous Drive technology is an extension of its Safety Shield, which monitors a 360-degree view around a vehicle for risks, offers warnings to the driver and takes action if necessary.

Teana 10th Anniversary Special Edition
Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Teana in China, a special edition of Nissan's global flagship sedan will be revealed at Auto China 2014. Teana has been leading the premium sedan segment in China, thanks to its class-above driving experience, combining comfort and agility.

All-New X-Trail
Following a successful unveil in China last month, the all-new X-Trail will be available for sale in late March and is expected to lead the growing SUV segment in China. Featuring a large console box for gear and flexible seating that can be configured in several ways to best accommodate cargo and passengers, X-Trail is spacious and user-friendly. Its spinal support seats are first in class, as are the Active Trace Control and 4x4i drive system, with Hill Start Assist, Advance Hill Descent Control and Yaw Moment Control.

NV200 Xtronic® transmission
Growing in popularity since its launch earlier this year to the worldwide taxi industry including New York and London, Nissan will showcase the innovative NV200 Xtronic® transmission at Beijing. Just launched in China in late February, the model is equipped with the innovative Xtronic® transmission system which reduces noise levels and fuel consumption, delivering benefits for drivers, passengers and the environment alike.

About Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Japan's second-largest automotive company, is headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, and is part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Operating with approximately 236,000 employees globally, Nissan sold more than 4.9 million vehicles and generated revenue of 9.6 trillion yen (USD 116.16 billion) in fiscal 2012.

Nissan delivers a comprehensive range of more than 60 models under the Nissan and Infiniti brands. In 2010, the company introduced the Nissan LEAF, and continues to lead in zero-emission mobility. LEAF, the first mass-market, pure-electric vehicle launched globally, is now the best-selling EV in history.

For more information on our products, services and commitment to sustainable mobility, visit our website at http://www.nissan-global.com/EN

About Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company (DFL-PV)
Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company (DFL-PV) is a business unit of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. (DFL), Nissan's joint venture with Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. DFL-PV is engaged in research and development operations, manufacturing and distribution of passenger vehicles.

About Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd. (ZNA)
Founded in 1993, Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of light commercial vehicles (LCV) in China. Through the Nissan and Dongfeng brands, ZNA markets five series and eight models.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 9 Months Ago
      All you need to change is the bucktooth beaver looking grill. Overall very smooth and muscular looking. I like it.
      James John
      • 9 Months Ago
      Big deal. We can do anything in a concept. Question is, can they turn it into a real car that maintains the concept purity. Most likely not.
        • 9 Months Ago
        @James John
        There's nothing there that can't make it into production, and very probably will. The real disappointment is that NISSAN is just going to put their 20 year old V6 engine in it, which in of itself isn't a bad thing... it's a proven, high-HP workhorse. Sadly, if this is the Maxima, it will have a lame CVT. The CVT killed the Maxima ever since 2007. Too bad, too. It was once king of the affordable Sport Sedans.
          • 9 Months Ago
          If you are not aware all japanese cars are going CVT, honda, toyota, subaru, mitsubishi, world wide, Mazda use it in japan couple to their skyactiv 1.3L. There nothing wrong with nissan CVT, it all have to do with programming, why you think the accord CVT drive more like a conventional but has worst MPG than a altima, because the accord has more set point program in the cvt computer, while nissan uses less to maximize fuel efficiency. The more set point the greater the drive but you get worst fuel economy, the less set points you end up with better fuel economy. This new generation is better than the old CVT, Jatco claim they are working to reduce loss comparable to dual clutch or better for next generation that beyond 2015, hopefully they can, so it can be program with more set points and will feel more like a conventional.
      James Hancock
      • 9 Months Ago
      Good to see that Nissan is still incapable of putting rotors and breaks on any of their cars that can reliably stop them without warping the rotors! Nissan (and most of the < $40,000 cars manufacturers): Your cars are 30-40% heavier than they were in 1990. If your rotors are the same size, and made out of the same brick of iron, how exactly do you expect these vehicles to stop without warping? And yes, I know you've made sure that people don't want to drive them like sports cars, but seriously, if you're going to call it a 4 door sports car, it sure has hell better stop like one! (and go like one too, that horrible CVT must go away, as must the Infiniti equivalent 7-8 speed that has to move sequentially through gears creating massive shift lag!) Brutal. They should be embarrassed.
        • 9 Months Ago
        @James Hancock
        break vs. brake (two different things)
      • 9 Months Ago
      "New Sedan Concept'??? They ought to call it "You'd Rather Poke Your Eyes Out With Steel Daggers' concept. Wow, what a total cluster-F of a design.
      • 9 Months Ago
      Hands-up for this sheetmetal, a more congruous grill, gt-r underpinnings & engine, a true manual, AWD (fine, fwd-based), and a real try at the "4-door sports car". ****, even Infiniti deserves a 4 door rwd gt-r! I'll take an M with the gt-r powerplant & tranny ANYDAY!
      Bryan Lund
      • 9 Months Ago
      Nissan/Datsun are going fine right now and this sports sedan will sell worldwide like hotcakes. I would be interested in seeing the U.S. production version my own self.