With just under 80 debuts rounding out our coverage of the Geneva Motor Show, it's fair to say that we are spent. It's been a busy couple of days, and once again, the Swiss expo proved to be a great venue for hot, new debuts from global automakers.

We've got our full roundup of coverage posted below, so have a look back, just in case there's anything you might have missed. Stay tuned for our usual Editors' Choice picks, as well.

22Peugeot 308 SW is the kind of small wagon that's tough to come by in America

The Peugeot 308 SW may not exactly stand out against the backdrop of tuner specials and concept cars here at the Geneva Motor Show, but with the action winding down we can already say that it is one of the most relevant for European buyers.

18Opel Meriva gets refreshed with more chrome and new diesel

Opel's Meriva hatchback has received a slight refresh at the Geneva Motor Show with new styling and two tunes of a new 1.6-liter diesel engine. Its tech gets a slight upgrade as well with better smartphone integration for the infotainment system.

6The EDAG Genesis Cockpit Concept highlights the future of auto production [video]

We are used to seeing full vehicles being unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, or at least concepts that presage a future model, but the German engineering group EDAG stripped things down even further to imagine a future car cockpit. Really, it's a way for the company to show off its next-generation manufacturing technology that allows it to make parts in a single production process.

7Peugeot 108 completes the trifecta of the Citroën C1 and Toyota Aygo platform

Renault's rear-engine Twingo isn't the only little French city car launching at the Geneva Motor Show. Peugeot has launched its new 108 as a more conventional front-engine, front-wheel-drive competitor.

23Fiat Panda Cross is a tiny off-roader for city and country

Fiat already offered its compact Panda in a slightly off-road oriented 4X4 trim, but at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show it's debuting the Panda Cross that takes the style even farther. The Panda Cross is meant to be a utilitarian hatchback that drivers can use in the dirt if the need arises.

36Opel Adam S and Adam Rocks make us want GM's Euro city car even more [w/poll]

There aren't a lot of products that General Motors offers overseas that we don't get back in America in one form or another, but the Opel Adam stands as a notable exception. GM's assault on the fashionable city car market, the Adam isn't likely to find its way to US showrooms... even if it does pick up a Buick badge on its way to China. But as if its elusive status didn't make us long for it already, Opel and its British counterpart Vauxhall just revealed two new versions in Geneva that make us

14Rinspeed XchangE points the way forward for secure, autonomous EV driving [w/video]

If there're features that have great potential to sell the public at large on the concept of self-driving cars, we're guessing that cozy, rear-facing seats and a gigantic in-car 4K television are high on the list. If you've heard of the Swiss company Rinspeed, you almost certainly associate it with outlandish concept cars, and this XchangE autonomous EV fits that description, while still providing insight into a seemingly plausible future.

23Škoda VisionC concept makes us want to cash this foreign Czech [w/video]

Of all the brands under the Volkswagen Group umbrella, Škoda is not the one we'd most associate with cutting-edge design. Its hatchbacks and sedans tend to be styled rather conservatively to cater to tastes that would be turned off by the flash of a Seat or even a VW. But that changes here and now at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show with the reveal of the VisionC.

15Ermini Seiottosei Barchetta looks into the past to relaunch a brand

The Florentine sports car builder Ermini is making its grand return to the public eye with the Seiottosei Barchetta at the Geneva Motor Show, after about 50 years of being gone. Its latest model blends an old-school philosophy with modern styling.

8The Fiat 500 Cult celebrates the little car's success with a new top model

The Fiat 500 has proved to be a huge success since first being introduced in 2007. In that time, Fiat claims that it has sold over 1.2 million units worldwide. For the 2014 model, the Italians are celebrating with a new top-spec version called the 500 Cult at the Geneva Motor Show, but it likely will be limited to the European market.

10Škoda classes up the Octavia with Laurin & Klement edition

Škoda is, by our estimation, to Volkswagen what Mercury was to Ford, Oldsmobile was to General Motors or Lancia was (and technically still is) to Fiat: not quite a luxury brand, but appealing to conservative tastes just the same. (Only where those brands have all faltered, VW still seems to be making a go of Škoda.)

9The SsangYong XLV Concept shows a new look for the Korean brand

Korean automaker SsangYong used to have a reputation of building some of the least attractive cars in the world, but if its new XLV concept at the Geneva Motor Show is any indication, it may be putting that reputation behind it. That isn't saying that the crossover is a beauty, but it certainly shows progress.

28Get a load of these crazy European Nimrods

I've been attending the Geneva Motor Show for the better part of a decade, and it's become my favorite stop on the entire show circuit, in large part because of all the exotic automakers, coachbuilders and green startups. I also love the Palexpo's consistently mind-bending displays of tuners, who typically work exclusively on six-figure automobiles. Some offer subtle improvements and personalization programs, but most seem hellbent on being more outlandish and bizarre than the next, a room full

17The 2014 Ruf RCT offers rear-drive action with 911 Turbo fun

Ruf has 37 years of experience of turning Porsches into even higher performance machines. For the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, it's unveiling the RCT, or Ruf Carrera Turbo, which offers power to split the difference between Porsche's 911 Turbo and Turbo S models.

14Quant e-Sportlimousine shows promising tech with a confusing backstory [w/video]

The Quant e-Sportlimousine that you see here is just the kind of fascinating concept car that the Geneva Motor Show is known for offering up. The product of an energy company called nanoFLOWCELL AG based in Liechtenstein – with help at various points along the way from Koenigsegg and Bosch – the Quant promises a very advanced battery pack to power the electric drivetrain inside of this unmissable bodywork.

6Hamann gets stealthy with its more powerful Lamborghini Aventador Limited

The tuners at Hamann have gotten their hands on the Lamborghini Aventador and are offering a suite of stealthy upgrades and a boost in power for buyers who don't think Lambo's top model is already enough. The company wants to create a special model with "uniqueness in every way."

10Brabus G800 iBusiness 'literally knows no limits' and has WiFi

You might think that bombing around in a V12, 800-horsepower, 1,047-pound-feet of torque, triple-black German mega-SUV – both on paved roads and over broken ground – would be more than enough entertainment for your average gazillionare. As it turns out, or at least as the Brabus G800 iBusiness would suggest, even all of that gets a little dry if you can't also check your email or play a spot of Minecraft.

21Volkswagen throws a Polo-palooza with four new or upgraded models

Volkswagen unveiled a parade of new and upgraded Polo models at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, including the Polo TSI BlueMotion, Polo TDI BlueMotion, Polo BlueGT and CrossPolo (pictured above). While they will likely never make an appearance this side of the pond, it is fun to see what European subcompact drivers will be driving later this year.

8Mansory unveils 1,600-hp Carbonado GT under a carbon fiber panda body

European tuners show up at the Geneva Motor Show in spades to display their very expensive wares in hopes of finding a handful of buyers. The only way to set your company apart is to make cars that are increasingly extreme. Mansory is no different, and to keep up with competitors it has brought the 1,600-horsepower Carbonado GT to Switzerland.

15Lazareth Wazuma GT isn't a car, isn't a motorcycle, is somehow legal

Lazareth, a motorcycle and automobile tuner that hails from France, is known for producing some of the most outrageous custom creations in all of Europe. Its latest, known as the Wazuma GT, can be seen above. It's got four wheels but really only three contact points, the minimum amount of bodywork possible, two seats and an engine.

29Mercedes sprints in with new V-Class

Mercedes-Benz is largely known for two things, particularly in the United States: one is luxury automobiles, and the other – thanks largely to the proliferation of the Sprinter – is vans. The vehicle you see here combines both competences into one tidy package, debuting here at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 9 Months Ago
      The "super" cars look alike; the "regular" cars look alike (except for the Joke); and there's an emphasis on upping hp so we can creep from light to light faster and live that racer fantasy. And Bugatti copies AMC by trying to make an aging design last by changing color schemes. How about a supercharged Mitsubishi Mirage?
      • 9 Months Ago
      Guys you missed the Pagani Huayra. How could you, it's damn bright yellow!
      • 9 Months Ago
      Interesting show this year, I'm not quite clear yet as to what to think. Here's my rundown of the models above so far: VW Golf GTE-what's interesting is the play by VW. Continue with diesel or make big shift into electric? Audi TT-I am disappointed by the styling, just feels old already Abarth 695 Biposto-great I guess? I wouldn't put my money down for one VW T-Roc-For NA I'd rather see the Cross Blue production model. Not bad though and in keeping with this years theme of small CUV type trucks MB S Class Coupe-what configuration of model doesn't MB produce now? Q50 Eau Rouge-Sell the damn thing already! Nissan Juke-different and funky, not my thing but great to see it succeed Civic Type R-who are they kidding, this is it, and we can't have it here Audi S1-I think this would sell well in NA, they should bring it Bentley Conti GT Speed-talk about old, time for something new Lexus RC350F-busy and over styled Subaru Viziv2-hey look, the WRX hatch we should have got Ford Focus-this really turns me off, maybe the worst of show AM V12 Vantage by Q-flights of fancy by those with big bank but little taste? Hyundai Intrado-seeing their hydrogen vision through, I applaud that BMW 4 Grand Coupe-are BMW trying to be all things to all people? I hope not Mazda Hazumi-tone it down a bit and it's the new 2, looks good Jeep Renegade-fist leaked pic was awful but now I think this may be winner of the show, and I hate Jeeps Ferrari California-not exactly loved was the old one, but this may be the best Ferrari to actually own Alfa4C Spyder-when can I order those lights for my original? I think the hard top looks better Alpina B4-classy and sophisticated aftermarket tuning at it's best Toyota Aygo-small car but maybe a big step for Toyota in the excitement category 911 RSR-see you at Le Mans Touring Disco Volante-not hyped on this color combo but car is pretty Lexus RCF GT3-great to see them getting their hands dirty again Audi S3 Cab-I guess they have to offer this Aston V8 Vantage N430-why not just order the GT3 car? Koenigsegg-is it time for a new car from them? Audi TT Quattro-look the new TT RS Porsche 919 Hybrid-I would be more excited if Peugeot was back, still great to see Maserati Alfieri-great to have one that wasn't leaked, especially one as gorgeous as this McLaren 650S-I must be getting old, I do not care about this car at all Pagani Zonda Revolucion-love it but it's time to let it go. Audi RS4 Avant Nogaro-seriously, why can't they sell just a few here. Don't tell me the VW group can't afford the homologation, emissions and safety requirements for the NA market Lambo Huracan-is this ready for battle with the 12C and 458? Looks great
      • 9 Months Ago
      ....and here's the rest Nimrod 458-seriously, could you get a better name/description all in one? This is from the 1974 Geneva Show right? Ruf RCT-and,,,,,another 911 variant Quant e-Sportlimousine-actually kind of interesting Hamann Aventador-do Lambos' really need after market tuning and body kits? Brabus G800-when will enough be enough? VW Polo variants-faint hope of seeing any on NA streets but one can wish, original GTI reincarnated? Mansory Carbonado-how do these guys stay in business? Lazareth WazumaGT-the Peuagot 20Cup Concept brought to life? MB V Class-I wonder how many they actually sell? Quoros3-The first legit and successful Chinese car maker to sell in America? Hamann M6 Mirror-a bit more traditional Hamann Citroen C4 Cactus Adventure-very cool and French, to bad we will never get it Mansory Vivere-AB headline says it best LR RR Evoque Autobiography Dynamic-big words for a little truck, imagine the badge on the tail Hyundai PassoCorto-very cool little sports car, I hope it sees the light of day Techart 911-and,,,,,another 911 variant Bentley Flying Spur V8-do not like the Conti GT but this I do Citroen C1-looks more Japanese than French BMW X3-cleaner, better Opel Astra Extreme-a Buick variant for NA? Morgan Plus4-still pissed at them for tossing Charles Seat Leon Cupra-interested in what VW will do with the Golf next Citroen C4 Cactus-Seriously, take a trip to Paris and soak in what the French have to offer Rolls Royce Ghost Series2-the very definition of "Stately" Italdesigns Giugiaro Clipper MPV-kind of cool, look at what iCar out of South Carolina did in 2012 with BMW Mini Clubman-the Mini station wagon Renault Clio RS MonacoGP-love to drive one of these some day Jag XFR-S Sportbarke-an estate by any other name,,,very cool Renault Twingo-this, the Aygo and the Polo on your favorite auto cross track Volvo Estate Concept-vying for best in show! VW Scirocco-I'm not sure why this car exists Bugatti Rembrandt-the ugly duckling?
      • 9 Months Ago
      Day 3 Update! Really big show this year,,,,,,, Peugeot 308SW-this is basic transport in France/Europe, it's interesting to compare it to what America considers basic Opel Meriva-why wouldn't this sell well here? EDAG Genesis Cockpit-I can't say this really contends for best "car" in show but it may be the most important reveal of the entire show Peugeot 108-seriously America, you would love small French cars Fiat Panda Cross-if it's not a "fix it again Tony" then this could be really successful for Fiat/Chrysler, I hope so Opel AdamS-would make a great entry level and youth market Buick Rinspeed XchangE-weird and whacky Rinspeed may have something of real note here Skoda VisionC-an Audi by any other name, looks good though Ermini Seiottosei Barchetta-looks good but sprinkle a little classic look with a 'kit car' and voila The Fiat500 Cult-the 911 of cheap cars, seriously how many versions/special editions are there now? Skoda Octavia Laurin and Klement-BTW, Laurin and Klement were the founders of Skoda SsangYong XLV-seemed like very little Chinese content at this years show but this and Qoros show real strides in design and production chops I think this is it for Geneva coverage other than best in show so thank you to AB for great coverage and very wide coverage this year. The show itself seem very densely packed and full of exciting news and premiers. While global economic conditions and political unrest still hamper much of the globe, it's great to see the car biz get it's mojo back. We live in the true golden age of the automobile and personal transportation so get out there and enjoy because I'm not sure as enthusiasts we will truly love what comes next.
      SiCun Yang
      • 9 Months Ago
      This is probably the most debuts I've seen from an auto show. I would like to see AutoBlog.com cover the Aventador and McLaren P1 modified by FAB Design.
      • 9 Months Ago
      Just disappointed did not see the renault PHEV, which could be a replacement powertrain for the PHEV "elect' road" kangoo as well as the powertrain for the alliance PHEV vehicles.