To put a spin on the old Civil War story, Atlanta indeed is burning. But in this case, it's a good thing because the heat is a reference to the city's demand for electric vehicles. Atlanta is where EV demand is growing faster in that city than any other in the US, according to ChargePoint.

The charging-station maker formerly known as Coulomb Technologies says EV sales in Atlanta surged up 52 percent between the third and fourth quarters of last year. Atlanta was followed by Washington, DC's 21 percent growth rate and the 19.4 percent increase seen in Portland, OR. Rounding out the top five were Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, with 19 percent and 18 percent upswings, respectively. In pure sales numbers, Los Angeles remains the country's EV capital.

Put those cities on a map, though, and you'll see that EV growth is closer to a group of disparate dots than a wave, something Wards Auto confirmed by talking to various dealers across the country. Government incentives certainly push demand, the dealers said. For example, Southern California's Galpin Ford might convert its Mustang showroom into a space to show off advanced-powertrain models like the Ford Fusion Energi Plug-in. On the other hand, Sierra Auto Group in Monrovia, CA sees little demand for the natural-gas Honda Civic CNG, while dealers in states such as Iowa and Texas are finding that locals are sticking to their trucks. It's a patchwork of demand out there - one that's tough to predict - and you can learn more by reading this.
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ChargePoint Releases List of Top 10 Regions for Electric Vehicle Growth

Atlanta Leads the Nation with 52% Growth Followed by Washington D.C., Portland and Los Angeles

Campbell, Calif. – ChargePoint – the company with the nation's largest and most open electric vehicle charging station network – today released a list of the Top 10 Regions with the largest growth of electric vehicle sales. The rank is based on percentage of growth from quarter 3 to quarter 4 of 2013 and numbers were retrieved from states' motor vehicle departments.

While the Los Angeles region has the largest number of EV sales in the fourth quarter (over 5,000) and the highest number of EVs total (27,411), Atlanta, with sales of over 3,000 in Q4, led the nation with a 52 percent increase, followed by Washington D.C. with a 21 percent growth. Portland came in third, just slightly above Los Angeles with the Bay Area, San Diego, Chicago, Seattle, Miami and Detroit following close behind.

"Popularity is increasing because drivers know there is a robust network to charge their cars and nearly every major automaker is coming out with a cool new EV," said Pasquale Romano, CEO of ChargePoint. "The electric vehicle market is no longer just growing in California's metropolitan areas - EV adoption is happening across the nation. We're well on our way to having twice the number of EVs on the road by the end of 2014."

Ten Regions with the Largest Growth of EV Sales in 2013* PLEASE ALSO SEE ATTACHED INFOGRAPHIC

1. Atlanta – 52%

2. Washington D.C. – 21%

3. Portland – 19.4%

4. Los Angeles – 19%

5. Bay Area – 18%

6. San Diego – 17%

7. Chicago – 16%

8. Seattle – 14.4%

9. Miami – 14%

10. Detroit – 13%

*Numbers based on percentage growth from Quarter 3 to Quarter 4 in 2013


About ChargePoint

ChargePoint is the largest and most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network in the world, with more than 15,000 charging locations and a 70%+ market share. Ranked #1 by leading independent research firm, Navigant Research, ChargePoint makes advanced hardware and best-in-class cloud based software. ChargePoint's open network is utilized by many leading EV hardware makers and encourages all EV charging manufacturers to join.

ChargePoint's real-time network information including the availability of charging locations throughout the nation is available through the ChargePoint mobile app, online and via the navigation systems in top-selling EVs including the new BMW i3 and Nissan Leaf. Every 10 seconds, a driver connects to a ChargePoint station and by initiating over 3.7 million charging sessions, ChargePoint drivers have saved over 2.6 million gallons of gasoline and driven 65 million gas free miles.

For more information about ChargePoint, visit

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      "To put a spin on the old Civil War story, Atlanta indeed is burning. But in this case, it's a good thing because the heat is a reference to the city's demand for electric vehicles." What the heck am I reading?
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      The Georgia Legislature has begun working on killing the $5000 state incentive for EVs. If they succeed Atlanta will fall off the map for EV sales growth.