Back in June 2013, Aston Martin recalled just under 700 vehicles over faulty throttle arms that could break without warning. Bad news, for sure – and things just got a whole lot worse. According to Reuters, the British luxury brand now needs to recall 17,590 vehicles due to counterfeit plastic materials being used by a Chinese sub-supplier – that's roughly 75 percent of the company's output over the same period.

Basically, here's how it boils down: with the exception of the Vanquish, Aston Martin will recall all left-hand-drive vehicles built since November 2007, and all right-hand-drive cars built since May 2012. Just as we told you in the recall notice from 2013, the accelerator arms in these cars may fracture, increasing the risk of a crash.

Shenzhen Kexiang Mould Tool Co Limited, a Chinese company that molds the accelerator pedal arms in these affected models, was using counterfeit plastics, according to Reuters. These bad plastics were supplied by Synthetic Plastic Raw Material Co Ltd, of Dongguan.

An Aston Martin spokesperson tells Reuters that there have been no reports of accidents or injuries in conjunction with this problem.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      Cyrus Brooks
      • 10 Months Ago
      Chinese supplier strikes again. When will companies learn not to use substandard Chinese made junk in their products?
      • 10 Months Ago
      Just what you want to hear when you pay $200k for a hand-built British supercar.
      • 10 Months Ago
      That's what happens when you rely on the Chinese for parts.
      • 10 Months Ago
      "I should say, Wimbley, this isn't plastic all!" "Quite ol' chum, it appears to be some form of...tapioca." "Counterfeit then?" "Indubitably."
      Griffen W
      • 10 Months Ago
      Hey Toyota, you know that 40billion is cash you got laying around? I found you a project car (company) to spend it on.
      • 10 Months Ago
      China building their reputation...
      • 10 Months Ago
      "counterfeit plastics" Way to put it in the correct engineering terminology Routers. Why everything has to be dumbed down for public these days. Sound like the used a incorrect type or grade of plastic. If you ever tried outsourcing anything you know it’s a common practice. Where is their quality department?
      • 10 Months Ago
      I wonder how the owners took the news.
      • 10 Months Ago
      What will the boys at TOP GEAR BBC say now?
      Terry Actill
      • 10 Months Ago
      There's nobody doing quality control at Aston Martin then? Just open the crates from China and stick the stuff on and charge way too much. Thanks.
      • 10 Months Ago
      Not amusing at all.
      • 10 Months Ago
      Huh, I thought it was going to be for having lead in the paint. At least that would explain how heavy they are.
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