Spoiler Alert: In Ron Howard's Formula One epic Rush, the recent feature film which depicted the classic, season-long battle between Chris Hemsworth's James Hunt and Daniel Brühl's Niki Lauda, a press conference is held when Lauda returns from the fiery, near-fatal crash at the Nürburgring that left him permanently disfigured.
In that scene, a callous reporter asks Lauda (inset, left) if he thinks his marriage can survive following his disfigurement. Lauda responds in a manner we can't print here, while Hunt, who's standing by watching the press conference, calls the reporter into a side room and promptly beats him senseless. We don't generally advocate violence, but upon hearing this news, we wouldn't be upset if Chris Hemsworth delivered a similar treatment to the editors of German parody magazine Titanic.

The magazine tastelessly put a picture of Lauda on its cover, claiming it was the first image of F1 driver Michael Schumacher (inset, right) following a tragic skiing accident that has left him in a coma for the past month. The title read, "Exclusive – First Photo After The Accident – This is how badly it affected Schumi." Suffice it to say, the real Niki Lauda, pictured with Schumacher in the inset image, is not pleased with the comparison.

"It is an absolute barefaced cheek and is completely impious. I ask myself, 'who would print such a load of rubbish'?" the three-time F1 World Champion told the UK's Daily Express.

In addition to the photo, the editors ran a number of crass features on Schumacher, including a puzzle of the injured driver in a helmet and a "fun and games" section designed to help parents explain Schumacher's accident to kids.

Schumacher remains in a coma, although doctors have begun reducing his sedative levels in an attempt to wake the seven-time World Champion. Patients that spend extended amounts of time in a coma can be subject to memory loss and personality issues, as well as more severe mental deficits. Some never emerge, remaining in a permanent vegetative state.

Lauda is reportedly considering legal action following publication of the issue.

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      • 1 Year Ago
      These magazines make the dirtiest money...I still remember the terrible accident Niki Lauda had many years ago. He is a great survivor. But Senna, Ronnie Peterson, Jochen Rindt - just to mention few - were not so lucky...I hope Michael will recover as well!
        • 1 Year Ago
        TBH I still prefer a politically satiric magazine like Titanic to any kind of yellow press. Those are the ones with the dirty money!
      • 1 Year Ago
      titanic is the most satirical magazine here in germany, which has been making such sick things since 79, when it was founded. usually it´s a great magazine, with lots of intelligent black humor and great jokes (e.g. about the pope, putin and other hilarious figures) . yes, indeed, we germans have humor...:)) but this is just pure idiocy for me imho, why? cause schumacher ´s life is still on the line and he cannot defend himself in that position, they should be massively ashamed of themselves imho.
      • 1 Year Ago
      This guy achieved what no american ever will. American drivers suck major balls.
      Darren McLellan
      • 1 Year Ago
      I a related story, 0.00000001 f*&s were given.
      • 1 Year Ago
      Wow. These guys make the Top Gear trio seem like the Care Bears.
        • 1 Year Ago
        Top Gear wished him a speedy recovery in their latest episode.
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