The DeLorean DMC-12 was, for a brief but shining moment, the dream of the 1980s motorist. Eventually failed in the cold, hard, reality of bad business deals and sketchy engineering, the gullwing DeLorean has nevertheless refused to go away. The injection of stardom from Back to the Future and the motoring media's near sycophantic obsession with the wild life of John Z. DeLorean have given the brand legs that wouldn't have been believed in the darkest days of 1983.

The iconic bodyshell of the DMC-12 has played host to powertrains ranging from high-output mills to electric motors; toys based on the car still crop on the regular; the model makes occasional appearances on screens of all kinds.

It's not shocking then, that the DeLorean is still inspiring young designers, as well. We ran across this rather interesting new take on the DMC brand recently, a DMC.Concept that imagines a car positioned as a luxury coupe in the 2014 marketplace. Designer Alex Graszk may not have anything like a path to production for his evocative machine, but we still like the cut of his cloth. The concept does not so much ape the DMC-12 styling that we're all so fond of, but it does strike us as a realistic, modern interpretation of the values that guided the first car.

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