While there were few doubts about what could've been hiding under the giant cardboard box being transported on a flatbed truck earlier this month, Nissan has officially confirmed that it was, in fact, a Versa Note being delivered from Amazon.

As a part of the special promotion, online shoppers who bought a Versa Note using the retailing giant also received a $1,000 Amazon gift card. Scroll down to watch how the car was packaged and shipped as well as what the buyer did with all that cardboard.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 10 Months Ago
      A cardboard house, sweet.
      • 10 Months Ago
      I love the idea of Amazon selling cars.. Wonder how the dealers feel about this...
        Jim R
        • 10 Months Ago
        They hate it. In fact most states' dealer associations have bought laws that ban any business without a dealer's license from selling cars.
          • 10 Months Ago
          @Jim R
          Oh those silly Republicans with their Socialist Protectionist laws...
      • 10 Months Ago
      I can't remember what this car looks like for more than a few seconds after looking away.
      • 10 Months Ago
      Tesla's new business model?
      • 10 Months Ago
      remember few months ago nissan cried they re losing so much money? well now you know why.
      • 10 Months Ago
      Relax, guys..they shipped a Versa so that Amazon could also demonstrate the process of sending an item back after you realize it is a mountain-size pile of horses**t
      • 10 Months Ago
      Romanian e-tailer eMAG.ro also sold and shipped cars for Black Friday 2013. http://youtu.be/OGsJbZiyWZM
      • 10 Months Ago
      Octocopter delivery?
      • 10 Months Ago
      So... he ordered a silver and ended up with a blue one...
      • 10 Months Ago
      But...why? Why would you buy a Versa? It's a terrible car.
        • 10 Months Ago
        It's note terrible, just the worst car in the segment!
      • 10 Months Ago
      Did the customer have to pay destination charge or was it free shipping for orders above $35?
      Paul Wicklund
      • 10 Months Ago
      Love how they delivered it with a truck from Hino. (TOYOTAS TRUCK DIVISION.)
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