McLaren P1

McLaren hasn't tried to hide the fact that it is working on cheaper sports car codenamed the P13 that will directly take on the venerated Porsche 911, but now rumor has it that the automaker is also working on a second new model that would slot between the MP4-12C and P1 supercar, which is pictured above. While the car, codenamed P15, is still in the earliest stages of development, McLaren Chief Executive Officer Mike Flewitt teased the project to Autocar.

Flewitt admitted that the P15 is still "quite a long way off." Like all of McLaren's current production cars, the P15 would use a tuned version of its 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 mounted in the middle of the company's MonoCell carbon fiber monocoque. Flewitt did not say whether the car would use hybrid power like the P1, stick with the 12C's turbos or otherwise. The exact specifications are still being decided.

Pricing for the P15 will likely be around 400,000 pounds, or about $660,000 at current exchange rates. That price will position it nicely between the 12C's $229,000 base price and the P1 at $1,150,000. McLaren is reportedly hoping to sell as many as 2,500 P15 models a year when it goes on sale in 2015 or 2016.