Land Rover L550 spy shots

Land Rover, as we've reported earlier, is in the midst of a massive product reallignment. Everything in its product portfolio, we've been made to understand, is being compartmentalized into three families: Luxury, Dual Purpose and Leisure. The first will be made up of Range Rover models, the second out of the next-gen Defender family, and the latter built around the Discovery. Which is all well and fine to theorize about, but what we have here is the first physical example of Land Rover putting that plan into action.

Spied undergoing testing is the replacement for the Freelander, known to us as the LR2, to Land Rover engineers as the L550 and in theoretical terms as the "baby Discovery". That's because the successor to the current Freelander is being aligned closer to the Discovery/LR4, both in terms of its orientation and styling.

Sources indicate that the L550 is being spun off of the Evoque platform, and will arrive in both five- and seven-seater forms. Expect familiar Jaguar Land Rover engines to provide the motivation when the new LR2 rolls our way. But for now you can scope out the spy shots in the gallery above for a closer look at what to expect.