Mission Motorcycles is not Mission Motors. We say that off the start to avoid confusion about what follows. Mission Motors was started in San Francisco a few years back after exploding from its stealth cocoon, known as Hum Cycles. Mission Motorcycles was started much more recently by three gentlemen – Mark Seeger, Vincent Ip, and Andrew Ng – and partners symbiotically with Mission Motors for its technology. Ok, got that?

It's getting very ugly.

Now, every new company has its troubles, and many lose founders and co-founders along the way. One need look no further than Mission Motors for an example – Forrest North, the man with the original super-awesome electric motorcycle plan, parted ways early in that company's history, going on to start PlugShare and associated companies. Mission Motorcycles, itself, has not escaped this curse, and it's getting very ugly.

According to The Record, the young company has not only expelled Vincent Ip, but is suing him in an effort to force him to sell back his shares in the venture. It get worse. Among the alleged reasons for the expulsion are threats of violence and other improper behavior. Reasons, we hasten to add, that are disputed by Mr. Ip and his lawyer, Lisa Solbakken. To hear the defendant's side tell it, the lawsuit arose after the company learned that Ip had planned to file his own lawsuit for, among other things, fraud and breach of contract. Now, it seems the legal effort will take the form of a counter-suit.

All this messiness happens as, reportedly, Mission Motorcycles is about to close a significant round of funding. It's hard to predict how, or even if, the legal turmoil will affect customers waiting for what some have called the motorcycle of year.

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      • 8 Months Ago
      It's always sad the way these fights escalate. These disputes usually start with small, relatively unimportant differences and as ego's become involved, escalate into massive and very destructive legal battles, that have nothing to do with the original purpose of the enterprise. The results of court action is seldom satisfactory, leaving both sides poorer, and bitter from the experience. Sad.
      2 wheeled menace
      • 8 Months Ago
      Much bummer. Such lawsuit. Doge does not approve.
      • 8 Months Ago
      Trouble in paradise. I seem to recall the mission part of their name is a christian reference. I guess some snakes got in. Meh, as long as they waste effort on motorcycles, they wont matter anyway so no major loss. They could make a half weight half range fast charge aerodynamic quarter price Tesla Roadster and eclipse Tesla. They could make cost effective power train components and sell those. But no, they want to make useless motorcycles. Meh
        • 8 Months Ago
        Really? An electric vehicle company in San Francisco with its headquarters a few blocks away from the Castro District is a secret hotbed of christian missionaries? Racing level street bikes may not bring about an electric transportation utopia, but if they can put gasser fanboys on notice that their days are numbered and show them the kind of acceleration that an electric motor is capable of then they are batting for the right team.
        • 8 Months Ago
        Probably it's a reference to the Mission District in San Francisco, less than a mile away from where Mission Motors is currently sited .. and a useful double entendre. "They could make a half weight half range fast charge aerodynamic quarter price Tesla Roadster and eclipse Tesla." Tesla Roadster: 221 miles, $109000 Mission R 12 kWh: 170 miles city, 105 miles mixed riding, $32500 I'd say they're pretty close. As for branching out to make a car - Tesla's doing pretty well there.
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