It's been less than a month since the tragic death of Paul Walker, and there have been numerous reports regarding the fate of not only the seventh installment of Fast and Furious but the future of the franchise as a whole. While there is no news about the latter, Vin Diesel announced on his Facebook page that FF7 would hit theaters on April 10, 2015.

Originally, the film was planned for a release on July 11, 2014, but production was suspended and the script was being rewritten following Walker's death. Along with the new information about FF7, Diesel also released the above image (which you can click to enlarge), which he says was taken during the last scene he and Walker filmed together. Whenever the seventh episode does hit theaters, one thing's for sure: it won't be the same without Paul Walker.

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        lol get a life
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        you literally made almost the exact same comment on the last F&F article: "I hope FF and all ricers meet the same fate at that Porsche GT."
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      ROWW just released a video the other day featuring Paul Walker and his philanthropy. It's a short video and I consider myself as manly a man as any, but when he cries at the end, I couldn't help but shed a tear. I'm actually surprised it hasn't been posted here yet. We riff on celebrities all the time and people are trashing him because of how he passed, giving us their opinions of the F&F movies and how they won't miss him, like it's funny news. Or you get the people that don't understand because "he's a celebrity...what makes him more special than someone else that passed?" Screw all that negativity. This guy seemed like a genuinely awesome guy not just to be around but to be affected by. For example, I saw a story online I think from Entertainment Tonight a few weeks ago about a couple he purchased an engagement ring for. He met them in or near a jewelry store and asked the clerk not to tell them who made the purchase. It wasn't revealed until after his death. People just don't do stuff like that and it's ridiculous people still find ways to make fun of sad situations, regardless of what he or the driver were doing. Yes, it was wrong. That doesn't make the loss of decent people any less significant, celebrity or not. /end rant Anyway, one thing you can guarantee... The theaters will be PACKED with fans mourning the loss of Walker and wishing to pay tribute. This will not be his final film (that's next year's Brick Mansions), but if you're even remotely interested in the F&F franchise, you'll likely be in attendance.
      Seal Rchin
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      Speed Kills.
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      Too many people trying to be politically correct about Walker because he died. Why are people so fake, FF won't be the same without him? Of course not it hopefully will be better Walker was a horrible actor though not as bad as Tyrese. Afterall, lets not forget that FF2 tanked soooo bad without Vin that people missed on the better movies in the franchise FF3 because it left such a sour taste in their mouth. I am sorry he was probably a nice guy though. I am sure his family and all the ladies that watched FF because they thought he was hot will miss him.
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        Just because people don't share your view doesn't mean they are being fake. I thought he was an excellent actor and I liked those movies. Many others do too.
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      too many fake fans will be watching the movie and not even know the story from all the other movies, il wait a week or two before watching it when it hits theaters .
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      As long as they don't try to bring another actor into Walkers place it should be good. All the movies were fun except for the second one, but I think everyone agrees with me there.
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      The show must go on.
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