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To say that Opus makes books is like saying Bugatti makes cars. Sure, it's true, in the strictest literal sense, but it hardly does it justice. Opus makes tomes, high-end luxury albums in tribute to icons of sport and culture. Its past editions have focused on sports franchises like Arsenal, the Boston Celtics and the Superbowl itself. Opus has profiled Ferrari, and, of course, they've done one on Formula One.

If you're so inclined, you can pick up a copy of The Official Formula 1 Opus for $3,200, or upgrade to the $16k Legends Edition (signed by an array of former world champions) or the Champions Edition that goes for $32k and comes in a carbon-fiber box. But if spending the price of a new car on a book strikes you as a bit much, just look at the latest edition.

Called "The Bernie," it's named after (and signed by) F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone. Its 850 pages are filled 1,200 photographs immortalizing the sport, half of which have never been published anywhere else. It measures a foot and a half square by 8 inches thick and weighs over 77 pounds. Oh, and it costs a million dollars. Or we should say that it has a million-dollar reserve price, because there'll only be one made, and it'll go to the highest bidder. Of course for a million bucks, you'd expect to get more than a book, and indeed The Bernie comes with what essentially boils down to carte blanche at every grand prix in the 2014 Formula One World Championship.

The winning bidder will get a table in the Paddock Club for the entirety of each race weekend, an all-access red pass for the owner and three guests to walk the pit lane and take tea with Ecclestone himself. In short, the owner gets to play Bernie Ecclestone, only instead of making millions, he'll have to pay a million for the privilege. The all-access pass strikes us as an enviable position to be in – we're just not sure it's worth seven figures.

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