Roger RodasIt was with sad hearts that we reported on the death of Paul Walker, star of the hugely popular Fast and Furious movie franchise, but it is with admiration that we can look back upon his life and successful Hollywood career. To wit: Just prior to his untimely passing, Walker was attending an event put on by his very own charity, Reach Out WorldWide, which was created to help send first responders to disaster areas.

According to reports, the event was being held at Always Evolving Performance Motors, an automotive shop owned by Walker's friend Roger Rodas (pictured right). Walker and Rodas were apparently out for a quick spin around 3 PM in Rodas' bright-red 2005 Porsche Carrera GT when the single-car accident occurred. The Porsche burst into flames, and several passing motorists captured the crash scene on video. Police have yet to confirm reports that Walker was the passenger, not the driver, at the time of the accident, and dental records will be used to help identify the two bodies. Police have said that speed was a likely factor in the accident.

Walker died at the age of 40 and is survived by his 15-year-old daughter, Meadow. Rodas, a former racing driver who competed in the Pirelli World Challenge, was 38 years old and is survived by his wife Kristine and two children.

Following news of Walker's passing, fans reportedly flocked to the location to pay their respects. Several of Walker's Fast and Furious costars took to Twitter to express their condolences, which you can read below. We have also included a few news reports.

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        I'm no expert, but judging by the looks of that car, I'm going to guess that they didn't feel much pain and died quickly. I hope that's the case, or otherwise it's like you said.
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      First and foremost, my condolences to the family, friends, and cast that were close to Paul. It's a terrible loss for sure. The great thing about Paul is that he was such a big car enthusiast in real life. As for what caused the accident, all any of you can do at this point is speculate. The driver may have lost control, he may have had a blowout, he may have swerved to avoid a dog for all we know. But even looking at it from the standpoint of excessive speed that led to a loss of control, consider this- It appears this happened in an industrial area or at least somewhere with little traffic. Therefore, it's not unreasonable to think someone who felt comfortable in such a car may been driving it spiritedly. Now, a Carrera GT could accelerate to 100mph in the length of an average parking lot, so it would not have taken much space to get up to a high rate of speed. I'm not condoning it in any way, but this car could have reached 'split-in-half and engulf-in-flames upon impact' speeds very easily. Easily enough that both the driver and Paul didn't think it was too dangerous. Obviously, something still had to have gone wrong from there, and that's another matter. I'm just trying to point out that reaching high speeds on the street in such a car isn't as extreme and wreckless as some are making it out to be. At any rate, what's done is done, and arguing over it accomplishes nothing. RIP Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.
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        I kind of agree as well. I certainly don't condone street racing or driving like a moron, it's stupid. But any car enthusiast that says they haven't gotten on the throttle before is full of crap. The could have very well been driving normally and maybe quick got into the throttle on a straight and something went wrong. Again, not condoning the behavior and I'm glad no other motorists were involved. but some people act as i fit's a fact they were driving insanely fast for miles and miles, or racing, or whatever when we just don't know. And while it certainly appears there was excessive speed, at the same time, it doesn't take someone going 150mph to sustain catastrophic damage when hitting a light pole and tree.
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      My gosh that looks like a horrendous accident. My condolences, but it's beyond obvious someone was driving far FAR beyond reasonable for the road, in supercar that can get you into serious trouble in a heartbeat no less.
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      Respectively, this gentleman is an experienced driver, but, this was not a controlled environment. The racetrack is one thing, street racing is another. The FNF movies inspired me to get the Evo X MR. Paul Walker was a car guy and a father. Regardless of everyone's differences, there is one thing that is for sure. Cars have a lot of influence in the world of music, culture, social status, the arts and design. Cars bring us together from various cultures. Cars bring out our strong articulate (as well as inarticulate) passions. I cannot speak for everyone else, but to me, this is a sad day in the autoworld. Rest in peace and god blessyour daughter.I am sure that she knew her father was great.
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      This accident looks like total destruction at 100mph+. Theres almost nothing recognizable left....I hope they did not suffer long.
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        now compare this to the Tesla accident in mexico. The guy walked away and ordered another Tesla
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          Yes we get it, nobody in a tesla will ever die, teslas save baby eagles and will bring peace to the world... Get off your soapbox for a second and act like 2 people lost their lives in a car accident.
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        The fire did most of the horrible damage, not the crash.
      Patrick Johnson
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      While the F&F movies were popcorn fun, everything I have heard about Paul Walker has been that he was a class guy. What hit me is when I was visiting Reddit and someone posted the Jeremy Clarkson review of this car. Chilling. Clarkson basically says that if you lose it in this car, it will kill you. Authorities are coming out with details and they did say speed was a factor, duh, so I am thinking this was the combination of speed, a dangerous car and losing it in an area with obstructions that made for a deadly combination. Very sad, and I feel sorry for everyone who was directly touched by this. I know it will be a reminder to me to slow down on public roads -- even though I don't have a car anywhere near as fast as the one Walker was in.
        James Wagoner
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        @Patrick Johnson
        Well said Patrick.. however, I would like to point out, that all law enforcement agencies will say "speed was a factor" if the car _looks_ fast, is going the speed limit, or is driven by the typical crowd that LE hate. The car could have been not moving, and the LASO would still say that "speed was a factor". It's the easy go-to statement that LE uses to defend speed traps and expensive speeding tickets. I'm not saying they were going 10mph and somehow managed to bounce off a pole and into a tree.. but you can take that phrase with a grain of salt. When they know the individual was speeding, they would release details about it (see Ryan Dunn's fatal car crash in 2011). It's like: "Sergeant, there's tire marks on the ground, they were obviously racing", "Sir, that could be because the car lost control, and was not moving straight, i.e. the tires were screeching from moving sideways and not rolling normally", "Hah, who cares, we can get away with blaming it on speed or street racing and hike up rates"
          Pj Taintz
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          @James Wagoner
          another poster said he went to the location of the crash yesterday and said they saw sideways skidmarks, you dont get sideways skidmarks without speed. RIP
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      RIP Mr. Walker & Mr. Rodas
      PTC DAWG
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      There are a LOT of lessons to be learned from this. Hopefully the kids that respect this guy can learn from the mistakes made here. For any parent who has had a kid turn 16 and start driving, this can be a teaching moment. If anything else, that could be some good that can come from this sad and preventable situation.
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      Damn shed more tears. RIP Paul
      Avinash Machado
      • 1 Year Ago
      Very sad.Hope people will learn a lesson from this tragedy.
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      I'm sure a lot of frequent visitors to cars sites know that the Porsche Carrara GT is a notoriously unforgiving super-sports car. There have been numerous past articles showing the aftermath of an un-educated or unskilled driver that loses control of that beast & ended up wrecking it - some surviving, some not. Guess a harmless "quick spin" can turn into tragedy really quick when driving any light-weight, high-powered sports car. Too bad it had to be a vet on the track & a celebrity we all know had the highest respect for racing & specialty vehicles.
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      Me and my wife are still in complete shock. He always seemed to be level headed with the right intentions. He had a larger impact on the automotive community than he probably realized. I know multiple young adults that said the F&F franchise sparked their interest in vehicles and it also seemed to really kick off the import car scene and bring it to the masses. He will surely be missed.
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