Castle Three

Whether it's a Canadian-built Campagna or a British-built Morgan, there's something deliciously different about driving a three-wheeled retro roadster. And now it looks like they could have some competition on their hands.

The name is Castle Three Motor Company, and before you go writing it off as a Morgan copy-cat, let us point out that it's actually a revival: Castle Three built three-wheeled roadsters back in the 1920s, smack in the middle of the era when Morgan was still riding on three wheels, too. So the most you could levy at it is to call its revival opportunely timed, or a revival of a copy-cat in the first place.

Castle Three resurfaced in August with a design from Xenophya, a motorcycle design studio that's worked with Triumph and Royal Enfield. The design, which you can see in the gallery above and the video below, ditches the 2+1 seating layout and four-cylinder engine of the original for a more Morgan-like two-seat, V-twin setup.

Rather than raising seed money from deep-pocketed investors, Castle Three opted to crowd-fund the project. But while it has yet to raise the capital it needs to get up and running, Autocar reports (despite an earlier claim that it was canceling the project) that Castle Three is still working at it. The company figures it can break even on selling 60 cars per year, but hopes it can build as many as 500 units annually. Check out the video below.
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