When it comes to its plug-in hybrid SUVs, Volvo is willing to sacrifice a bit of range to go a lot further, in the global sense. The Swedish automaker started producing a diesel plug-in hybrid version of the V60 late last year but doesn't plan to make that model available around the world. Instead, Volvo will replace it with a gasoline-drinking plug-in hybrid XC90 crossover, Australia's Drive.com says, citing Volvo executive Lex Kerssemakers. The new plug-in hybrid will use a gas-powered four-cylinder turbo as its engine and deliver at least 300 horsepower. Production of that SUV will start late next year.

Volvo says moving from diesel to gas will shave about five percent off the model's 120 miles per gallon equivalent fuel economy rating (per the more lenient European standards), so the SUV will still have fuel economy worth bragging about. Kerssemakers said that gas power, as opposed to diesel, would be an easier sell outside Europe. Volvo started making the diesel plug-in last November. The company said at the time that it initially planned to make 1,000 units for the 2013 model year but that advance orders caused them to boost that number to as many as 6,000 vehicles for the 2014 model year.

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      XC90 looks great but my fav is Volvo C70. It's a step below most like-priced convertibles for all-around performance, but the C70 is a pleasant, stylish blend of top-down fun and fixed-roof security. I saw it on www.warrenhenryvolvo.com and now I must buy it!
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      • 8 Months Ago
      DAMN IT DANNY!!! Enough with the misleading Headlines already! It would have taken one second to type PHEV at the end of the headline. This headline reads as if Volvo is just scrapping the plans for PHEV, and just producing a regular gasoline vehicle. The XC90 is a PHEV too, and it certainly is NOT "Gas-Loving".
      • 8 Months Ago
      For the first time I saw this model in www.warrenhenryvolvo.com and I love it , I must have it one day.
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      tostik must be an employee or sales person for Volvo, because Volvo has Big problems with there XC90 that they refuse to address that has caused Bad Sales here in the USA. Volvo is betting on people to forget the Tranny, Fuel and Computer problems their vehicles are having. Do not take my word for it Google "Volvo problems" are read for yourself. You are better off buying a KIA they stand behind and aside the vehicles they built unlike Volvo
      • 8 Months Ago
      Both the V60 sales (Jan 2014), and the new XC90 sales, late 2014, will cause Volvo sales to explode in the US. And Volvo is already doing great in Europe, in a terrible economy, and sales are on fire in China, up 40% YOY.
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