• Nov 15, 2013
It's a small niche that's home to a wide variety of vehicles, but if it's innovative enough, there just might be room for one more. The M Scooter from Acton is the latest personal electric transporter (PET) to get our attention. Designed to tackle "the last mile" of the commute, local errands, or campus – be it corporate or collegiate, this latest stand up scooter has a few neat tricks up its minimalist sleeve.

Flexibility is key for this type of design and so, besides being relatively light and able to quickly fold into an unobtrusive package, the M features a removable battery for easy swapping or charging. While others have included this sort of functionality in the past, this latest mini-mobility device also gives you the option of sitting down during those longer trips, thanks to the seat which remains stealthily hidden during standing stints.

It's got the sort of performance you'd want from this type of vehicle, with a top speed of 12 miles per hour and a more-than-adequate range of 15 miles. It can re-juice in four hours but there also appears to be a fast charge option that lets you fill it up in as little as two spins of the minute hand.

To get production up and running, the company has turned to Kickstarter. Again. It successfully used the crowdfunding service in the past to raise funds for its first project: SpnKix (there's a new, improved version of those in the works too, by the way). Check out the gallery above for some some hi-res pics and see the M Scooter in action, as well as listen to Acton's sales pitch, by simply scrolling below.

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