This week, Mitsubishi began European sales of its delayed Outlander Plug-in Hybrid SUV, and the Japanese automaker says it has received advance orders for 10,000 units since it started taking them across the Pond late last year, according to Hybrid Cars. The company is starting European sales of the model in the Netherlands, heading next to the Nordic countries and will then work its way through the rest of the continent. Production of the European version began in August at the company's Okazaki factory in Japan.

Mitsubishi says the Outlander PHEV has an all-electric range of about 32 miles and a fuel economy is about 124 miles per gallon (using the more lenient European driving cycle). The model first went on sale in Japan earlier this year, but production was stopped in March after batteries were found to be short-circuiting because of a malfunction caused by a screening process that caused the batteries to melt. This process has since been discontinued. The Mitsubishi-GS Yuasa joint-venture Lithium Energy Japan was making the batteries.

Mitsubishi, which is making about 4,000 Outlander PHEVs a month and has no hybrids in the US, has estimated that US sales of the plug-in SUV will start next fall. The company's only electric-drive vehicle in the US is the low-production Mitsubishi i (known overseas as the i-MiEV).

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      In order to qualify for some generous tax breaks in the Netherlands, the cars must be registered before December 31st. The Mitsubishi dealers are working flat out to sell 8,000 units, while 10,500 were ordered. Because of the expiring tax break, Mitsubishi will sell more units of the Plug In Outlander in Q3 of 2013 than of all models combined in 2012! Meanwhile, BMW is doing the worldwide introduction of the I3 here in Amsterdam. Saw one in the parking lot, nice looking car in real life.
      • 1 Year Ago
      Looks good, sure, test it in Europe.
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      You know . . . it is annoying that no one is selling a PHEV SUV in the USA. I can't think of a vehicle that seems more ideal for the USA. Yeah, it will have to have a pretty big battery and probably won't get more than 30 miles on electric range . . . but even that could hugely reduce gasoline usage. BMW should really build that X5 PHEV. That would probably sell a lot better than the i3.
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        USA is more focus on MPG, europe focus more on CO2 emission, that why these cars are being made with this technology for europe, to meet strict co2 regulations. mitsibushi will release this plug in, follow by nissan phev qashqai in 2015, this is like the i-miev 2009 and the leaf 2010.
          Actionable Mango
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          I think what Spec is saying is that the US is known for being a gigantic SUV market and Europe is more known for city cars, nice sedans, and wagons. Yet Europe is getting the SUVs first.
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