Local Motors Active Lifestyle Vehicle Challenge has three winners in submission list of 62.

Carspondent has held the Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year awards for the past 10 years, celebrating the cars that best fit people who live active lives. But this year, the Active Lifestyle Vehicle Challenge hosted by Local Motors was added to the mix, which featured vehicle designs submitted by the general population and judged by professional athletes and active-lifestyle advocates.

On Saturday, three winners were picked: 1) CLIMAX by John Bukasa; 2) Hero by Lucian Nicolae Acatrinei; 3) Workshop by Xavier Gordillo. (The winners, in order, are the first three pictures in the photo gallery.) The winner gets $1,500 in prize money, second place receives $1,000 and third place gets $500.

There wasn't much to guide designers, except for a set of general requirements. The vehicles had to feature the following: ability to load one road bike inside; easy-to-clean interior; night lighting system, especially around the cargo areas; cargo area for gear; ability to do light off-roading; and the ability to camp in.

We're not sure every vehicle on the submission list met all of these requirements, but some of them were impressive - and/or impressively named ("Audi Uphill," "Catch-a-Boat," and "Haikir," were a few standouts). Take a look at them in the photo gallery, and watch the introduction and awards videos below.