Anki Drive

This is Anki Drive. Developed by Boris Sofman, Mark Palatucci and Hanns Tappeiner, three doctorate-level robotics students at Carnegie Mellon, Anki Drive blends what we'd traditionally call slot-car racing with a Mario Kart-like ability to assault your competition and a Borg-like ability to learn and evolve. It's been shown at two of Apple's World Wide Developers Conferences, which is saying something, considering the caliber of the developers that get invited to the fruit company's annual events.

While we don't have the space right now to deliver an in-depth piece about Anki Drive, it's something we're hoping to write a story on in the future, because based on the hands-on over at Engadget, it sounds like the perfect way to deal with those annoying inter-office disputes that crop up from time to time. The basics of the game include using a smart-phone app to modulate an electric-motor powered racecar around an oval track laid out on space-age mat. Confused? Check out some of the videos below for a bit more detail.

If you're already sold on the concept, know that the starter kit, which includes a 102-inch wide by 42-inch long track and two cars, is available for $199, with additional cars running an extra $69 apiece. If you want to know more about Anki Drive, hop over to Engadget to read that site's excellent in-depth rundown.
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