A year after showing off its extraterrestrial, 46.2-foot yacht concept, Mercedes-Benz Style and Silver Arrows Marine have a revealed a two-meter mock-up of the watercraft's final exterior, along with detailed interior design renderings. Unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show going on right now, the boat even has a name: the Arrow640 – Granturismo.

Other blanks have been filled in from last year as well: its design represents "sensual purity," the interior is an open-plan concept for up to ten passengers with a dining table and bed that "slide into position" when either is needed, materials include nubuck leather and eucalyptus wood paneling set off by "sophisticated color combinations," window glazing will control light penetration according to the sun's intensity, and the decking is composed of "a high-tech synthetic material." It will be powered by two diesel engines producing a total of 940 horsepower and will cost 1.25 million euros ($1.69M US). First deliveries are slated for 2015.

The order book for the Edition 1 version of the Arrow640 – Granturismo opens at the Monaco show, with the limited-to-ten series including everything but air conditioning and premium audio. You can expect it to cost more.

Besides the yacht, Mercedes-Benz Style will present its entire design portfolio on the Upper Deck Lounge, from the Eurocopter EC145 to its furniture line to a luggage collection that will go on sale later this year. A press release below has more info.
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World premiere at the Monaco Yacht Show: Mercedes-Benz Style to present the final design of the new luxury motor yacht

Stuttgart/Monte Carlo, Sep 26, 2013 - Premiering at the Monaco Yacht Show from 25 to 28 September 2013, one year after the presentation of the first design drafts, Mercedes-Benz Style and Silver Arrows Marine are presenting the final exterior and interior design of their new luxury motor yacht – the ARROW460 – Granturismo. The motor yacht combines hallmark design features of Mercedes-Benz automobiles with unrivalled innovations in the boat building industry. The result is a fascinating luxury yacht offering a new dimension in aesthetics and comfort. At the Monaco Yacht Show Mercedes-Benz Style and Silver Arrows Marine will present a two-metre long model and detailed renderings of the 14-metre long 'Granturismo of the seas'. Silver Arrows Marine is also opening its order book for the Edition 1, a special limited-numbers launch edition to mark the arrival of the ARROW460 – Granturismo. In addition to the model yacht, Mercedes-Benz Style is showing its entire product portfolio at the Upper Deck Lounge of the Monaco Yacht Show.

"This new motor yacht with its emotional and high-tech features embodies our Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of sensual purity and is a perfect expression of modern luxury," says Gorden Wagener, Vice President Design at Daimler AG. "Under the label Mercedes-Benz Style we develop highly exclusive design products beyond the automobile, thereby bringing our sensual, clear and progressive design idiom, into other spheres of life."

Exterior design: expressive surfaces perfectly harmonise with dynamic lines for a striking and progressive overall appeal
"We have created something unique with the ARROW460 – Granturismo. I am convinced that for many years to come the yacht will be an eye-catching addition to the seas and yacht marinas of the world," says Ron Gibbs, Chairman of Silver Arrows Marine Ltd.

The final design impresses with its clear contours and smooth surfaces as an expression of refined sportiness. The muscular, stretched hull symbolises the sensual purity of the design: dynamic but not aggressive, sophisticated but not subject to fashion. With its long foredeck, a flowing, arched roofline and a slightly descending rear, the design is inspired by classic automobile proportions.

A feature line descending gently towards the stern distinguishes the yacht's profile in just the same way the hallmark Mercedes "dropping line" distinguishes the cars. The concave and convex interaction along the entire flank creates a hull that conveys both dynamism and serenity. Underlining the yacht's design uniqueness, the bow section is upright and emphatically three-dimensional.

The overall composition is accentuated by elegantly styled yet functional fittings while attention to detail is second to none. The handrails, for example are perfectly integrated into the exterior.

Interior design: innovative space concept with exquisite materials
The guiding hand of the automobile designers is also evident in the interior. The hallmark values of a Mercedes-Benz automobile predominate here: comfort and a familiar feeling of a Mercedes-Benz interior. Complementing exquisite materials such as nubuck leather and eucalyptus wood panelling, as well as sophisticated colour combinations. Mercedes-Benz designers have developed an innovative space concept for up to ten passengers. The concept combines the characteristics of an open boat, with its close connection to the sea and the sky, with those of a cabin cruiser with a generous interior space and more private areas.

The 14-metre long Granturismo is therefore suitable for both day trips and overnight excursions. The yacht offers outstanding versatility. The large side windows slide open and the front window can be raised, allowing passengers to sit comfortably inside, but still enjoy an all-round view and the feeling of being outside. The glazing automatically controls light penetration depending on the intensity of the sun. The yacht decking is made out of a high-tech synthetic material which enabled the designers to create an entirely new look.

The generously dimensioned interior dispenses with a traditional motor yacht's compartmentalisied layout and instead features a multifunctional and largely open-plan area. Dining table and bed slide into position as and when they are required. Superior comfort and total privacy are assured by a luxurious bathroom unit and separate utility-room. The special Edition 1 version comes with every feature an owner could wish for as standard. Apart from air conditioning and a premium audio system, the yacht will be equipped with a wine "cellar" and an ice-making machine.

The ARROW460 – Granturismo is powered by two diesel engines developing 353 kW (480 hp) each. The yacht is being launched with the Edition 1 model which will be built as a limited edition of ten units. This exclusive version of the "Granturismo of the seas" can be ordered directly from Silver Arrows Marine at a price of € 1.25 million (plus VAT). The first units will be delivered to customers in early 2015.

Technical data of the ARROW460 - Granturismo

Overall length
14.14 metres

Hull length
13.85 metres

0.93 metres

Maximum beam
3.97 metres

Maximum displacement
13.58 tonnes

Fuel tank capacity
1200 litres

Water tank capacity
500 litres

2 Yanmar 6LY3-ETP diesel engines each developing 353 kW (480 hp)

Cruising speed
28 to 30 knots (in calm seas)

Top speed
40+ knots (in light ship conditions)

Design category
Class B

The product world of Mercedes-Benz Style
In addition to the model yacht, Mercedes-Benz Style will be showing its entire product portfolio at the Monaco Yacht Show. The first design project, the Eurocopter EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style, was launched in 2011, and accounts for four deliveries to date. Production of the fifth order has already begun. A model of this luxurious helicopter for business and private travel will be shown in Monaco.

Other products on display include the comprehensive furniture collection created by designers of Mercedes-Benz together with the Formitalia Luxury Group. These highly attractive furniture items have been on sale since their world premiere at the Milan Furniture Show in April 2013. An essential feature of the furniture collection is the unique design, which is characterised by its individuality. Ideal proportions and the use of shapes and surfaces in a way which is typical for Mercedes-Benz Style, illustrates modern ease and avant-garde. In addition Mercedes-Benz Style will be presenting its Eyewear Collection developed together with the renowned glasses manufacturer Rodenstock. All models display the hallmark Mercedes lines and combine the unmistakable look with the innovative surfaces, colours and structures of select materials. The all new Mercedes-Benz Style Leather and Luggage Collecion produced by the French TWC-L'Amy Group is displayed on preview and will celebrate its market premiere at the end of 2013.

About Mercedes-Benz Style
Since 2010, in addition to classic automobile design, Mercedes-Benz designers have also created the designs for other products in cooperation with selected partners under the label Mercedes-Benz Style. The aim is to transfer Mercedes-Benz's unmistakable, progressive design idiom and high standards of luxury and aesthetics to other spheres of life. All these designer products excel with uncompromising quality and carefully selected, exquisite materials finished to perfection. The complete portfolio of Mercedes-Benz Style can be seen at www.mercedes-benz-style.com.

About Silver Arrows Marine
Registered in Great Britain, Silver Arrows Marine works with internationally renowned designers, marine architects and engineers to bring to market high-end motor yachts that avoid traditional compromises and introduce a new gold standard of elegance, practicality and user-friendliness. More about Silver Arrows Marine can be seen at: www.silverarrowsmarine.com.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 1 Year Ago
      How exactly does one get to the bow to mess with the lines when docking? Climb through the living room window? Also, a 46 foot boat with no kitchen, no real bed, no bathroom...for 1.6 MILLION DOLLARS? You could spend 1/10th of that on a boat half that size and get more amenities and space. Unless every customer gets a custom designed interior and this is just for the show...? I'll stick with Sea Ray thanks...
      • 1 Year Ago
      Very pretty, MB, but Bo Zolland eats your lunch and kisses your girl.
      • 1 Year Ago
      Wow, stick with cars MB, this thing is completely impractical and has some major design flaws. The first thing that struck me is where is the deck space? There is a bench for the captain and a passenger, but there is no way you could be on that back deck while underway without falling out. Which I guess means the rest of the guests stay down below which consists completely of a wrap around couch and a table....
      • 1 Year Ago
      It's kind of small; a lot smaller than I originally thought considering it's being called a 'yacht,' but the interior reminds me of Mass Effect and that's never a bad thing. Hopefully someday I'll have the kind of money to buy one of these(I'll rent it for a week and keep most of that cash).
        • 1 Year Ago
        Generally anything longer than 40 feet is a yacht. Even something as impractical as this thing.
      Phlegming Liberal
      • 1 Year Ago
      I think MB is behind the times. Rich people are looking for submarines, not yachts. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-09-26/billionaire-yachts-are-passe-as-monaco-peddles-luxury-submarines.html
      • 1 Year Ago
      Yet another AMG/Mercedes water craft that WONT be powered by AMG/Mercedes. Until they put their own motors in to these boats I'm less than intrigued
      • 1 Year Ago
      sedan roofline
      • 1 Year Ago
      Sexy boat, but I'd rather see one with sails.
      • 1 Year Ago
      Zzzzzz...Oh what?! They made a boat? Oh a model...? ZZZZZzzzzzz