Sculpture of Mercedes V12 engine by artist Eric Van Hove

We've seen some impressive automotive replicas, but this one definitely takes the prize as the most unique yet. Belgian artist Eric van Hove created this sculpture, titled V12 Laraki, of a Mercedes V12 engine using a whopping 53 materials, including wood, bone and fossils. The dizzying array of materials includes mother-of-pearl, sand stone and mahogany, just to name a few.

The artist received a 2011 Cda-Projects Grant to create the extremely detailed and true-to-life work, which "aims at de-constructing a Mercedes V12 engine down to every single component (around 200 of them) before duplicating each element bit by bit in over 50 different local materials with the help of 35 master craftsmen from various regions in Morocco." The grants website also notes that the project represents a commentary on "the economic and social dynamic between the European and African industry."

The work will next be on display at the Marrakesh Bienniale of contemporary art in February 2014 in Morocco. Check out the impressive photos in our gallery, and learn more by visiting the artist's website and Facebook page.