Citroen Cactus spy shots
After dropping a teaser on us last week, Citroën has released a full gallery of images for its forthcoming Cactus Concept (above) along with a short press release stating that this is "more than a concept car." Proving that there is production potential for this Frankfurt Motor Show concept, our spy shooters have managed to catch what looks like the C-segment crossover already out testing in production trim (inset) as an added bonus.

The concept's "airbumps" and floating roof obviously aren't carrying over to the production model, but other elements of the crossover seem to be close to what customers will see in showrooms. From the outside, we can see the vehicle in the spy shots will have a similar overall shape, but the unique four-spoke wheels have been replaced by a more mass-audience-friendly eight-spoke setup. One of the more interesting aspects in comparing both the prototype and the concept is the front end. The production version seems to have a more conventional headlight design, but looking more closely reveals there is something covered by the extensive camouflage above the headlights, a hidden detail which matches what we see on the concept.

We don't have any spy shots of the cabin, but as concept cars go, the interior of the Cactus isn't all that far fetched. We would expect to see changes to the display screen, steering wheel and seat designs, but the cabin's overall look probably won't stray too far from the concept. Citroën's press release for the concept, which is posted below, promises a hybrid powertrain, so that might also be headed for production.
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CITROËN Cactus is more than a concept car; it is a manifest of the future models in the C line. CITROËN is shifting the paradigm with the new concept car, shedding the superfluous and bringing well-being firmly into the limelight. CITROËN Cactus is a desirable, user-friendly car that forges an unprecedented harmony between distinctive yet pragmatic design, comfort for all occupants, and easy-to-use technology.


Pure and functional styling:
-Strong styling choices focused on efficiency (light weight, aerodynamic)
-High-tech gaze and flowing surfaces free of any form of aggressiveness
-"Airbumps", customisable design components covered with a soft skin featuring air capsules that protect the body

Ingenious design:
-An airy driver's station housing all the controls in a 100% digital interface
-Sofa-style front seats for more human warmth and comfort
-Authentic, natural materials laid out in a stylish, relaxed atmosphere

User-friendly technology:
-A Hybrid Air drivetrain for attractive running costs and reduced environmental footprint
-Immediate and intuitive connectivity, including access to the CITROËN Multicity Connect portal

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 1 Year Ago
      I will always admire the Europeans bravery with styling and their love of the 5 door. We really don't many stylish 5 doors in the states.
      • 1 Year Ago
      Looks like they're trying to take on the Evoque.
      • 1 Year Ago
      I think this is one of the better visual takes on the new three-headlamp style that the Juke and Cherokee use. It kind of looks like they took the "hood headlamps" of the new Cherokee and added them with the old headlamps of the first-gen Kia Soul (because there's that plastic patch below the light). However, this bit from the press release: -High-tech gaze and flowing surfaces free of any form of aggressiveness Has me a bit puzzled, because the slit hood headlamps are fairly aggressive in my opinion.
        • 1 Year Ago
        Citroen already have cars with the upside down headlight, and they do it better than that Cherokee...
      Big Squid
      • 1 Year Ago
      I hope to God this means that bench seats are coming back. I am really tired of every freakin' car for sale or rent kicking me in the shin with the damn center console.
      • 1 Year Ago
      • 1 Year Ago
      I certainly hope this will go through the distillery before its production version. The Picasso though a bit odd-looking still does so in a good way (in a good ugly duckling way) but the concept cactus is definitely... A little too hard on the eyes, it reminds me of a big piece of tofu begging not to be eaten, who will have no trouble gaining instant amnesty from the likes of me. The camouflaged photos does show promise though, having a nice body always helps when you have a face that could scuttle a thousand ships! Hang in there cactus! There's hope yet! *pats on back*