Production and media drive delays included, there has been no lack of press surrounding the 2014 Jeep Cherokee. With the most recent delay reportedly due to powertrain calibrations, we've been waiting to see how the Cherokee's fuel economy looks against the highly competitive compact CUV segment. Thanks to the EPA, we now know the fuel economy figures for the newest member of the Jeep family.

Arguably, the Cherokee has the most modern powertrain in its class with an updated base engine, all-new V6 and all-new nine-speed automatic transmission, but its fuel economy figures are simply on par for the segment. Still nothing to scoff at, though. According to, front-wheel-drive Cherokee models with the base four-cylinder mill will top out the lineup with 22 miles per gallon in the city and 31 mpg on the highway; opting for four-wheel drive with this engine drops the figures to 21 city and 28 highway. Get even crazier with the option list, and the new 3.2-liter Pentastar V6 will get you 19 mpg city and 28 mpg highway in two-wheel-drive form or 19 city and 27 highway for 4WD.

If you're wondering how that stacks up among compact CUVs, head on over to Automobile Magazine for a full fuel economy breakdown for the segment. The controversially styled crossover hits dealers this month, and we'll be driving it in just a couple of weeks.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 2 Years Ago
      Needs more headlights
        Corey Allen
        • 2 Years Ago
        It will be interesting to see what directions manufacturer go with tiny but super bright LED's.
      • 2 Years Ago
      They should have designed this car around a diesel and offered one at launch.
      • 2 Years Ago
      NINE speed automatic. These new automatics are like shaving razors - four blades; No, Five blades; No... SIX blades; NO, SEVEN BLADES!!!! If it just wasn't squinting at me...
        • 2 Years Ago
        A nine speed tranny is overkill. I can't even begin to imagine the gear hunting this thing will do.
          • 2 Years Ago
          Not to be outdone in the gear hunting category, Ford and GM will be coming out with 9 and 10 speed transmissions.
          • 2 Years Ago
          Just wait until they go off warranty & begin to break..,
      • 1 Year Ago
      You people that are critical of jeeps decision to name this vehicle a Cherokee are silly and stupid. I owned an XJ for years and after I bought it with about 50000 miles on it I lifted it and took it on many off-road adventures in the rocky mountains of Colorado. I loved that vehicle. After the odometer read about 195000 I gave it to my daughter who wanted it because of her many fond memories of 4 wheeling and camping trips in it. I like this new vehicle and its available off-road capabilities. Granted an XJ its not, but is any car maker going to reincarnate a small live axle XJ like SUV? No. This car is perfect for today's buyers. I think I would have died if they had put the name Cherokee on a liberty (especially the current version), compass or patriot. This would have been the real tragedy.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Because Rancor.
      • 2 Years Ago
      The EPA ratings only provide a weak comparison basis. A magazine like Automobile should test the vehicles and report their actual observed economy which would really be worth comparing. Some vehicles achieve far closer to the EPA ratings than others. Simply compiling the EPA numbers can be done by anyone with a computer, they really dont mean much in and of themselves. Pretty weak Automobile Magazine.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Get ready. Here come the paid comments from Chrysler goons trying to convince the internet that people like this pile of junk. Damn I love Jeeps. Had they just made this a different model, a CUV, I'd completely support it. Reinventing the Cherokee is just as bad as reinventing the Wrangler or Mercedes G-Wagon. They are timeless designs. Subtle updates and they sell. If I was worth a billion dollars I would buy this and torch it on live TV.
      Aaron Ceraldi
      • 2 Years Ago
      It still looks worse than a Pontiac Aztec.
        • 2 Years Ago
        @Aaron Ceraldi
      • 2 Years Ago
      I don't care if it ran on water, I wouldn't drive that ugly piece of s#it.
      • 2 Years Ago
      I swear it keeps getting uglier.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Good that mean you don't have to stop as often and get laughed at.
      • 2 Years Ago
      A not so impressive mileage for an ugly car...
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