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Normally when we report on promising crowd-funding projects, we're writing about things and ideas that we'd like to see come to life. In the case of this new MO-TO wooden toy car collection from Candylab Toys, however, the online world has already voted loudly that the product should come to market. With close to 900 backers raising about $52,000 more than the Kickstarter goal of twenty grand, MO-TO designers Vlad and Florin seem to have a small hit on their hands.

One browse through the MO-TO promo page, and we can see why. The wooden cars may seem to be children's toys in some of the images, but the forms inspired by muscle cars of the 1970s are destined for the office shelves and desks of car guys everywhere.

Beechwood bodies coated in glossy, high-contrast paint; rubber tires on white wheels; and long, low proportions all make the MO-TO cars pretty slick to look at. The Police Cruiser model is straight out of central casting and likely to be a favorite, but our hearts swoon for the fastback shape of the Rare Bird MOPAR tribute car. A $25 special model has long since sold out, but you can still get into the specially marked Kickstarter cars for $30 (not an outrageous price in the "heirloom quality" world of toys). Scroll below to see more in the MO-TO video.
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