The situation was bound to boil over at some point. Grumblings from former and current members of the Viper Club of America, and letters sent from Chrysler to VCA president Lee Stubberfield, allege that the non-profit club is being run illegally as a for-profit business, Jalopnik reports.

The trouble reportedly started in 2007, when VCA member and former club national president Chris Marshall is alleged to have taken a paid position at the club courtesy of the acting board members at the time. By 2010, with the demise of the Dodge Viper looming, the VCA reportedly made a deal with Chrysler to to acquire a stash of old parts and tooling for the Viper. The stash would then be sold by the newly formed Viper Parts of America, a company that was supposed to be run by Marshall, Jalopnik reports.

This sounds like shady business to us - at the very least a conflict of interest. And it's said that the VCA will not hesitate to suspend – for a year or more – the memberships of those who oppose it.

Read the article and the accompanying letters from Chrysler to find out how the drama unfolds. But it isn't over yet; we'll be staying tuned to this one.

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      I suggest: 1 oppose VCA 2 get suspended 3 create the Viper Club Of The Americas, VICOTA 4 send billion of spam emails about your activities to VCA 5 enjoy Don't forget to call Chrysler in the process and get some props.
      • 1 Year Ago
      When I was able to spend time on my car hobby in recent years past, I joined several car groups on an informal, impromptu basis. Even in those I found that usually the club is just an inner circle of friends who know each other well and can spend time on the group, and everyone else is more of an outsider because they don't have the time or same level of involvement. Even in the small groups politics came in early. I can't imagine what it's like to join the bigger national groups. It seems some of them turn into automobile HOAs at some point. That might be fine if you have a ride worth 6 figures or more and are willing to put up with that if you want big money to auction your trailer queen off at some point. But for people who want to drive, it sounds like these clubs can become real hassles. Even worse now that it has created a big enough political problem that it has gotten the attention of a large multinational corporation and the reputation of its halo car.
      Jake S
      • 1 Year Ago
      Jail time to all tax cheats. If a prison cell is good enough for Wesley Snipes, it\'s good enough for some idiot who runs a car club.
      • 1 Year Ago
      Hope Chrysler puts the boot into them.
      • 1 Year Ago
      And this is why I love my car club, there is none of that bull ****. no judging. It really all stems from that.
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