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Subaru has announced pricing for the 2014 BRZ, and with a $25,595 MSRP, it starts at just $100 more than the 2013 model. The destination charge adds $795 – a $25 increase over 2013 – bringing the total to $26,390.

Aside from the very modest price increase, the 2014 BRZ is essentially the same as its 2013 predecessor. The one notable change for 2014 is that Aha infotainment smartphone integration now comes with the standard navigation system. Subaru is one of the first automakers to include this feature, which delivers smartphone activity such as live news, podcasts and social media news feeds to drivers through the radio.

The rear-wheel-drive BRZ's other features remain the same, and we certainly don't have any complaints about that. It still comes with a 200-horsepower boxer engine, manufacturer-estimated fuel economy of 34 miles per gallon on the highway, 2+2 seating, and options such as dual-zone automatic climate control and heated front seats. Scroll down to get all the 2014 model year details in Subaru's press release.
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  • BRZ sales up 200 percent YTD over 2013
Cherry Hill, N.J. - Subaru of America, Inc. today announced pricing for the 2014 BRZ. Starting at $25,595, the BRZ lineup focuses on the fundamentals of great sports car design: low vehicle weight, an ultra-low center of gravity and precision steering.

Sales of the Subaru BRZ remain strong and were up 41 percent in June and up 200 percent year-to-date, bolstering record-setting corporate sales for the first half of the year. With sales up 27-percent overall and more than 240,000 units sold through July, Subaru of America is on target for another all-time yearly sales record.

Subaru developed the rear-wheel drive BRZ utilizing an all-new naturally aspirated 200-horsepower horizontally opposed (BOXER) engine design. The BRZ is a sports car that does not sacrifice everyday comfort and practicality, including up to manufacturer-estimated 34 mpg highway fuel economy (with 6-speed automatic transmission). With 2+2 seating and a folding rear seat, the BRZ is a practical daily driver and a powerful performer.

The 2014 Subaru BRZ also delivers impressive fuel economy, with manufacturer-estimated ratings of 22 mpg city / 30 mpg highway / 25 mpg combined with the 6-speed manual transmission, and 25 mpg city / 34 mpg highway / 28 mpg combined with the 6-speed automatic transmission.

The Subaru engineering that yields the ultra-low center of gravity in the BRZ also made it easy for designers to craft a very low-slung coupe body. A low roof height of just 50.6 inches, combined with a swept-back roofline, bulging front fenders, short overhangs and pronounced rear haunches give the BRZ a decidedly lean, athletic stance. The car's hawkeye high intensity discharge (HID) headlights, hexagonal lower grille and six-star ornament instantly convey Subaru identity. The BRZ Limited model adds a body-color trunk spoiler, standard fog light and Alcantara trimmed interior and Keyless Access

Available in Premium or Limited trim levels, models include all performance features, such as the sport-tuned suspension with front strut brace and TORSEN limited-slip differential.

The Subaru BRZ Limited offers additional comfort and amenities. Externally, the BRZ Limited is distinguished with fog lights and a body-color trunk spoiler. Inside, the seats are upholstered with Alcantara inserts and leather bolsters. New for 2014 is Aha® infotainment smartphone integration included with the standard navigation system. The BRZ Limited has a starting price of $27,595.

The BRZ Limited substitutes a dual-zone automatic climate control for the Premium model's manual HVAC system, and its standard All-Weather Package includes dual-mode heated front seats and heated side mirrors. A full security system augments the engine immobilizer that is standard in the Premium model. In the Limited, the dual visor vanity mirrors are illuminated, and front door courtesy lights illuminate when the doors are opened. The only factory option is the BRZ Limited model equipped with the 6-speed automatic transmission priced at $28,695.

Destination & Delivery is $795 and may vary in the following states: CT, HI, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI and VT. D&D is $945 for dealers in Alaska.

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