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This year's Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion was a Corvette-heavy affair, to be certain. Corvette had a giant pavilion to show of its spanking new C7 Stingray along side examples of each of the other six past cars, and the 2014 'Vettes were also running demonstration laps on the track between events. Both seemed popular with the crowds in Monterey.

But the perhaps the most exciting Corvette of the day was the running of the C7.R racecar prototype with Tommy Milner at the wheel. Still in development, and wearing standard-issue camouflage for this demonstration, the Laguna lap nevertheless presented our best look yet at the upcoming racer. Carryover design from the standard C7 is clear even with the wrapper in place, but no one will mistake this as anything but a competition piece with that lofty wing out back.

Corvette hasn't given us any indication about the greasy bits yet, but rumors seem to indicate that the C7.R will run some version of the same 5.5-liter LS7 V8 that lives under the bonnet of the current C6.R GT2. We've also heard that the car will debut with a traditional yellow Corvette livery. Stay tuned for informative updates on the mechanicals as we have them.

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