Chevrolet Corvette History Display

Chevrolet is already the featured car the Monterey Motorsports Reunion races, but it's also aiming to make a big splash outside the track. The Bow Tie has put all seven generations of production and racing Corvettes up to the C7 (which of course, doesn't have a racer based on it yet) on display for fans. You'll recall that Shelby made a similarly grand display last year, showing off several historic Cobras.

Spectators can easily trace the Corvette's evolution from its humble roots, up through its days as a muscle car (the C2 on display is particularly gorgeous), and on to its current place as a world-class sports car. As for the racers, it's interesting to see not just how the Corvette evolved as a racecar, but how racecars themselves evolved from the stock-looking C1 to the C6-based Z06-R GT3 car.

We've got images of both the racers and the production cars in a complete gallery, and will have images from the actual races later this weekend. The Monterey Motorsports Reunion is set to run from Friday through Sunday at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.