2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class front three-quarter action

BMW, Honda, and Mercedes-Benz are all going to avoid small recalls, after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued petitions for "findings of inconsequential noncompliance" to the three manufacturers, according to Tire Business. Basically, the petitions allow the brands to avoid recalls for some very, very minor issues.

BMW had tire placards on 364 X6 M CUVs that stated the car could only handle four passengers, when in reality it had room for three in the back. Actual plausibility of fitting three real humans in the slope-roofed Bimmer aside, the Munich-based manufacturer argued it was inconsequential, as the placards were correct regardless of the number of passengers.

Honda's case focused on 212 2011 and 2012 Acura TSX sedans equipped with 18-inch wheels. The TPMS systems on these cars were set for 17-inch wheels, rather than the larger hoops, but even with the lower settings, the tires maintain adequate load capacity.

Finally, Mercedes-Benz was the luckiest to get off, as it faced recalling 1,479 C-Class sedans built from March 2011 to August of the same year. While this affected the most cars, it's far and away the least consequential for the German brand - the tire placards identify the spare tire size incorrectly. As the inflation levels were correct, there was no point in issuing a recall.