Sadly, the qualities that might land a racetrack on a "10 Best" list are the same ones that would place it on this list of the 10 Most Dangerous Race Tracks. Drivers and the automakers that fund their right feet are drawn to the challenge of conquering the world's most difficult sets of turns, taming the fastest straights and enduring the longest trials, and we spectators like nothing more than to watch them try. That's why over a century of auto racing has narrowed down the list of truly great tracks – la Sarth, Monza, Nürburgring, Daytona, Indianapolis, to name a few – and why most of those on that small list have regrettably claimed enough lives over the years to be mentioned in this video by XCAR.

Scroll down to watch the video, but be warned that it's a sobering display of the high cost this sport exacts over time, a cost that has claimed not only the lives of drivers like Earnhardt, Senna and Wheldon, but many innocent souls in the stands, pits and working the track, as well. Props to XCAR for treating the topic with respect, and you might be surprised to learn how far out ahead of the others the number one selection is in terms of total lives lost.

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      you should check out! :)))))
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      LIFE by itself is dangerous. The fact that racers choose this lifestyle is their business. Modern Race cars are the safest vehicles built. There is still a danger, things go wrong. While untimely, and unfortunate, death does occur. I would rather perish this way, rather than by some ******* drug dealer with a sideways hat missing his intended target because of stupidity, poor aim, or any other reason they have. I would also add t the list, in a war for no reason other than political gain.
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      They missed Dunrood, the Ulster GP. Twenty one rider fatalaties since 1955. Paris-Dakar is not a track, but I think more spectators have been killed there than anywhere else.
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      sad news... unfortunate today the Northloop and Le Mans showed the ugly side and called the live of two race driver. During the third VLN endurance race today on the northloop the driver Silvester Wolf lost his live. He raced a Opel Astra OPC, track Marschal reported his car runs uncontrolled over the track be for it come to stop. The driver was sitting live less in his seat... reanimation during transport to hospital failed. Silvester Wolf won the VLN northloop endurance championship twice in 2006 and 2010. During the 24h of LeMans (4. lap) Aston Martin race driver Allan Simonsen died in a high speed accident at Tertre Rouge corner. He was 34 and raced his 7th 24h of LeMans race..
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      Poorly built and maintained dragsters doesn't make a drag stip a deadly circuit.
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      Heck, check some of the American ovals. Winchester, Salem, and places like that. Not world famous , but a heckuva lot more dangerous than road circuits..
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        Driving dangerously in a circle is like loosing ones life in Disney World... In Indianapolis they count 70 over decades, at Le Mans 85 in one crash is only #5, ok.