To help its customers through the nightmare of finding urban parking spots, Audi has rolled out Inrix Park services as a standard no-cost feature bundled into its subscriber-based Audi Connect services. Accessed through the automaker's MMI navigation system, Inrix provides a way to check space availability, garage hours, compare rates and gauge proximity to more than 18,000 participating parking locations in the US.

"Helping to ease the challenges that Audi drivers face in their daily drives is the core mission of the Audi Connect suite of connected car services," said Filip Brabec, Director of Product Management, Audi of America. "By offering the ability to easily navigate to the best parking spot available for their vehicle, Audi has further simplified and improved the ownership experience."

The technology was announced at the Telematics Detroit 2013 conference this week, with Audi saying the integrated service should be easier to use than a smartphone - we gave it a whirl and it appeared intuitive and quick to respond. Based on the number of Audi models on the road, the automaker estimates that more than 100,000 of its US customers will be able to use the service with thousands of new owners joining them each month. For more information, check out the full press release below.
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Audi adds innovative INRIX Park Service to Audi connect® services globally

• Audi is first automaker to offer INRIX Park worldwide
• Service immediately available to all Audi connect® subscribers at no added cost
• INRIX provides drivers with continuously updated pricing, hours and availability information for off-street participating parking locations in North America and Europe

Audi is simplifying the unpleasant task of finding off-street parking with the addition of INRIX Park – a real-time navigation service for all existing and new Audi connect® subscribers.

Demonstrated today for the first time at the annual Telematics Detroit 2013 conference, Audi is the first automaker to offer the breakthrough service developed by INRIX to customers around the world. It will be available immediately with all active Audi connect accounts. In the U.S. market, the service instantly brings new benefits to more than 100,000 Audi models already on the road today plus thousands more new vehicles sold every month.

"Helping to ease the challenges that Audi drivers face in their daily drives is the core mission of the Audi connect suite of connected car services," said Filip Brabec, Director of Product Management, Audi of America. "By offering the ability to easily navigate to the best parking spot available for their vehicle, Audi has further simplified and improved the ownership experience."

With the INRIX Park, Audi connect customers gain the ability to easily compare rates, gauge proximity to their destination and get turn-by-turn directions the entrances for more than 18,000 participating parking locations in the U.S. and 42,000 more across Europe. The roster of available parking destinations will continue to grow as data on the locations and available spaces builds.

Audi and INRIX demonstrated the technology today at the Telematics Detroit 2013 conference.

"Together with Audi we're making it easier to get new integrated navigation services in your vehicle than it is to update your smartphone," said Bryan Mistele, President and CEO of INRIX. "With drivers looking for parking accounting for up to a third of all traffic in our cities, INRIX Park demonstrates how new data driven services can help drivers save time and frustration on the road".

Key feature benefits include:

• Find available parking closest to a destination; save favorite locations
• Compare by distance or current price; prices include the rates charged for length of time parked
• Navigate with precision via the most direct route to the closest entrance from the vehicle's location.

Audi offers vehicle owners this newly launched service through Audi MMI® Navigation equipped vehicles with Audi connect* in the U.S. Delivered via the INRIX platform, the parking service is available as part of an options package that includes Bluetooth® mobile phone connectivity, INRIX's dynamic fuel price service as well as real-time news, local traffic, travel and weather information.

INRIX Park allows search beyond a static point of interest to navigate to the closest available parking location and best entrance based on the drivers' approach route and traffic, pricing including hourly scaling and the number of available spaces.

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      • 1 Year Ago
      MAYBE helpful in new york city. Here in Florida, I don't think we need a car tell us where to park. THese cars are way ahead of themselves. Drive people!!!
      Gokul Solai
      • 1 Year Ago
      This is a great idea! Hopefully you dont get stuck with a bunch of audi drivers all going for the same spot
      • 1 Year Ago
      Again, an invention that cost next to nothing and can have been implemented 30 years ago everywhere on earth and can have save 1 billion gallon of gasoline and/or diesel or charge in a battery bev or gasoline/battery on a hybrid or muscle effort on a bicycle. Anyway this company announced 3 years ago their project tcng that is supposed to begin in 2013 , they said that in 2011. Since then no news at all. You can search anywhere in google or bing or youtube and you won't find anything new at all on this project. So what they did since 2011 ?? will it be ready in 2013 like they said. did this website know anything new on that subject ?? The question is why they didn't realeased that 40 years ago everywhere ?? The answer is is that I have stocks in petrol companies, the best stocks there is for investment. Also for more profit, if you can buy a cheap good reliable used green car that cost few in mpg and that the car run good and fast, then there is more profit to be made. You make money in petrol, the you buy a good used car at a small price and then you save on insurance and you save on energy with a high mpg car. Warren buffet and Obama and many billionnair including big oil and banks do no spend any money on energy bills with secret inventions, they dislike burning their petrol. The best green deal is to have a lot of stock in petrol, then you buy a used volt and you use it a lot. In 2022 there will be a lot of used volt on the market for 10 000$ approx. and the battery will still be good contrary to the leaf that have a worn out battery after 3-4 years because it is charged and discharged to the max. the volt battery is charged to 80% and discharged to 30%, so it last a long time. There is 100 inventions and ways to get a new car for 7 000$ to 15 000% and that cost almost nothing in fuel, Hydrogen, hybrid, batteries, solar panels, chimic, air pressure, hydraulic pressure, turbine electric chargers, boiling waters, garbages papers, waste wood, audi tcng, self powered catalysed energy generator, helicopters instead of cars, etc.
      • 1 Year Ago
      Forget Audi can I get this on my iPhone?
      • 1 Year Ago
      WOWm turning my head left and right was SO ridiculous... thanks for making my life easier.
      Love Great Danes
      • 1 Year Ago
      WOW look at the screen and complain about distracted driving.