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Paul Scott, co-founder of Plug In America, spent his re... Paul Scott, co-founder of Plug In America, spent his retirement money on a meeting with the President. (USA Today)
When Paul Scott decided to reach out to President Obama, a mere letter or meeting with a lower staff member wasn't enough. The Los Angeles-based Nissan salesman is paying $32,400 out of his own retirement fund so he can make a case for stronger presidential support for electric vehicles in person, USA Today reports.

Scott had been trying to figure out how to best reach out to the president when a fundraiser solicitation arrived. For $10,000 he could have lunch with the president, for $16,2000 he could be a VIP guest with an official photograph as well as a special one hour roundtable discussion. The highest priced package allowed for all the other amenities as well as some private, off-the-record conversation.

"I figured what the hell, I'll go tell him to his face." Scott told USA Today.

What does he get for his money? An hour of round table discussion with 24 other donors and two to four minutes of private conversation. For more on Scott's plans for his conversation, check out the rest of the story here.

UPDATE: USA Today has reported that the Democratic National Committee has turned down Paul Scott's contribution due to the media attention Scott and his message has received. DNC National Finance Director Jordan Kaplan told the newspaper that although Obama shares a devotion to clean energy and electric cars, contributions are meant to support the president, not garner political access.

"The story got spun by the right into a 'pay-for-play' narrative, and I became a liability," Scott told Mother Nature Network. Michelle Malkin, a conservative blogger, picked up the story with the headline 'Electric Car Advocate Pays $16k a Minute to Personally Ask Obama to Push Carbon tax'

Scott said he was very disappointed that he may not get to meet the president, but the media attention allowed him get his message out.

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      The energy to charge electric cars comes from the power grid.Studies have shown that the methods to produce this extra electricity cause more pollution than an equivalent modern gas powered vehicle. Increased demand for electricity will drive up power bills dramatically as the nation hasnt built enough power generating capacity to sustain a country of electric vehiclesLiberals in Washington and certain states are obstructing new power plants..Meanwhile the libs are obstructing shale oil production in numerous states which could drive down energy prices and boost the economy. As the braindead in California and NY watch their cities go bankrupt they wont be able to blame republicans. State workers partying in their 50's with generous retirement packages while their states crumble financially will be in for a rude awakening.
      • 1 Year Ago
      Another American working in his pajamas....
      • 2 Years Ago
      Since when is giving money politicians to garner political access something not done?
        • 2 Years Ago
        Since when is giving money TO politicians to garner political access something not done?
          • 2 Years Ago
          I like the way you respond to yourself with the same comment. Now that's conviction.
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      Obama already supports electric cars, as did President Bush, who began the electric car tax credit back in 2005 (with the GOP House and Senate), and expanded it in 2007. What specific new achievable policy idea is Scott going to bring to Obama that is so compelling it's worth $32,400 of personal funds? I mean, expanding the federal tax credit from, say, $7,500 to $10,000 would be nice, but Obama himself has already floated that notion. Making the tax credit refundable, so that even those who do not owe $7,500 in taxes can realize the full benefit, would be nice, but that would make the program vulnerable to attacks as "welfare" and "redistribution". Probably the smartest way is to shift the tax credit to the dealers or manufacturers as long as they pass the savings on to consumers, so that the up front price is lowered, rather than you having to qualify for a bigger loan and only weeks later getting the check from the Treasury. Or, get Obama to keep his campaign promise from 2008 and push hard to mandate full flex fuel capability in all new gasoline cars sold in America as a standard feature, like seat belts. That would make ethanol and methanol compatibility the norm in just a few years, creating a critical mass such that filling stations would switch at least one pump to alcohol to avoid being undercut by their local competitors. Opening up the fuel market to free market competition and ending American drivers' status as a locked-in captive market of the Mideastern-run oil cartel OPEC can get a lot of GOP support. Not only did McCain also make the same promise in 2008, even Rep. Alan West co-sponsored the Open Fuel Standards Act, and conservative big names like Frank Gaffney have backed the OFSA as well.
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      The only reason the DNC rejected the funds was that it went public. Obama funneled huge amounts of money from China into his presidential campaign. The Obama.com website was based in China and didnt ask for the cvv number on credit cards.The money went directly into the Obama campaign. The chinese shut down the website 5 days before the election. GM would be bankrupt if it wasnt for China. Since Obama illegally gave the company to the Union they are sustaining a loss in the US because they cant compete because of labor costs.A real bankruptcy would have freed GM from its union burden and revitalized the company.Instead Obama made a deal with China to prop up GM in turn for lopsided trade deficits to continue. So chinese workers are benefitting from this while many US GM associated workers lost their jobs.The Liar in Chief spoke endlessly about outsourcing and here he is doing it on a massive scale.
        Michael Corn
        • 1 Year Ago
        You do not know what you are talking about. If you are not asked for a cvv number that is a factor for a discount for the merchant. It has nothing to do with china. Your congress bankrolled the TARP plan before Obama was elected, under dear George, or have you conveniently forgot that fact also? The trade defict is due to you shipping all the jobs overseas. We need to cut $687B "defense" budget. Oh, did you find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Have we won the war on terrorism?
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      I think Mr. Scott should be proud of himself. He was willing to "put his money where his mouth is". I wish it had played out differently, but I know the "right" would have turned it into a political mess. So the Dems had to "reject" his donation. Now, though, if our President is the man he says he is, he should make sure that Mr. Scott gets his 'talk time' anyway! This man's desire to do a good thing is what makes this country great.
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      The conservatives are so going to hate this... but at least it will be entertaining to see how they spin it for more political theatre.
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      16K per minute is a crock. Think about it...while we all know how important the President is ...he STILL works for the American people. So WHY should someone pay such an ungodly amout for a minute of his time? But he will go in his off time and speak to people when he needs a vote! THEN all of a sudden he KNOWS people. Now, unless you have a pocket full of cash...sorry buddy...don't know yeah! lol