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Hybrid electric vehicles are gaining appeal for fleets of all types as more models make it to showrooms bearing a variety of price tags. Even commercial fleets are finding more available products, from pickups and vans to medium-duty trucks. Now, there's a new option.
XL Hybrids, Inc., and the Knapheide Manufacturing Company announced an agreement for installation and distribution of XL Hybrids' low-cost hybrid electric powertrains, which are designed for class 1 to 3 commercial fleet vehicles. Knapheide is a longstanding commercial vehicle equipment provider in North America, and provides fleets with other alternative fuel vehicle choices.

The announcement was made at the 2014 GM Fleet and Commerical Product Preview, where the companies displayed a hybrid Chevrolet Express cargo van upfitted with XL Hyrids' powertrain system at Knapheide's booth. XL Hybrids' technology will be installed by Knapheide through its existing ship-through process, offering fleets a one-stop purchase, upfit, delivery and invoice experience. Nationwide delivery of converted hybrid 2014 Chevy Express and GMC Savana vans will start Aug. 1. 2013. XL Hybrids and Knapheide are also available for installation on what the press release refers to as "bailment pool vehicles," or as a retrofit for 2010 to 2013 GM cargo vans. Read it below for more details.
XL Hybrids Partners with Knapheide Manufacturing to Expand Hybrid Electric Powertrain Availability

Companies will Display Hybrid Vehicle Upfit by Knapheide at 2014 GM Fleet and Commercial Product Preview

Orlando, Fla., May 14, 2013 – XL Hybrids, Inc., developer of a low-cost hybrid electric powertrain designed for class 1 to 3 commercial fleet vehicles, announced today that it has an agreement with The Knapheide Manufacturing Company, a commercial vehicle equipment provider in North America, for the installation and distribution of its products. In light of the partnership, the two companies will display a hybrid Chevrolet Express cargo van upfitted with XL Hybrids' hybrid powertrain technology at Knapheide's booth at the 2014 GM Fleet and Commercial Product Preview held at the Gaylord Palms Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. from May 13 to 17.

Designed for seamless integration with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) powertrain, XL Hybrids' technology will be installed by Knapheide through its existing ship-through process, thus providing a one-stop purchase, upfit, delivery and invoice experience for commercial fleets. The companies' partnership will launch nationwide delivery with the new 2014 model year Chevy Express and GMC Savana vans starting August 1, 2013, and is also available for installation on bailment pool vehicles or as a retrofit for 2010 to 2013 GM cargo vans.

"We are excited to offer our fleet customers a work-ready hybrid electric vehicle upfitted with XL Hybrids' fuel efficient hybrid powertrain technology because XL Hybrids' product has been designed specifically for commercial fleets and the product offers a fast payback," said Chris Weiss, vice president of engineering for Knapheide. "We look forward to working with XL Hybrids to market and deploy the hybrid product to our fleet customers looking for vehicle lifecycle cost-reduction from fuel and maintenance savings."

Clay Siegert, XL Hybrids co-founder and vice president of supply chain, said, "The GM Fleet and Commercial Product Preview show is an opportunity to showcase our hybrid powertrain and the new ship-through relationship between XL Hybrids and Knapheide, a highly respected and deeply experienced partner. XL Hybrids has already successfully deployed our hybrid technology in the field with some of the largest fleets in North America, and we look forward to additional success with Knapheide."

For more information on XL Hybrids technology and availability, visit www.xlhybrids.com or email info [at] xlhybrids.com.

About XL Hybrids

XL Hybrids designs, manufactures and installs hybrid electric powertrains for commercial vans and trucks. The company's patent-pending hybrid electric powertrain can be installed on existing vehicles as a retrofit or as an upfit on new ones. By storing energy wasted in braking and reapplying it during acceleration, XL Hybrids technology decreases fuel use and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 21.2 percent on urban routes, while operating with the same durability and reliability as traditional vans and trucks. XL Hybrids was founded by MIT alumni and is based in Boston. For more information, visit www.xlhybrids.com.

About The Knapheide Manufacturing Company

Since 1848 Knapheide has provided its customers with high quality, work ready transportation solutions. The Knapheide family has owned and operated the company since its inception over 160 years ago. Today, The Knapheide Manufacturing Company is the nation's leading manufacturer and provider of commercial vehicle solutions. Knapheide's main manufacturing facility, Westphalia, is located in Quincy, Illinois and is over 480,000 square feet. Westphalia is highly automated and has the most technologically advanced equipment and processes in the industry. Products manufactured by Knapheide include: Service Bodies, KUV Bodies, Platform Bodies, Gooseneck Bodies, Dump Bodies, Forestry Bodies, Pick Up Accessories, Van Equipment, Mechanics Trucks, Water Trucks, and Fuel/Lube Trucks. Knapheide's vast distribution system includes 200+ distributors strategically located throughout North America. The ability to evolve into new technology, processes, and products has made Knapheide the leader in the industry and allowed the company to move into new markets to better serve our distributors, fleet customers and end users. For more information on The Knapheide Manufacturing Company, please visit www.knapheide.com.

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      As a electrician, I would love a can with a big battery that could keep my power tools batteries charged, and give me the juice to hammer drill when there isn't any outlets.
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      GM, get off your butt and start putting your Voltec drivetrain into more vehicles like this.
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      Great I can hear the guys at work already, hybrid are for losers blah blah blah, no power blah blah blah I cant tow my tools blah blah blah its going to cost to much blah blah blah. Its the way of a construction worker, if its different it must be bad.
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      This is a very good market for Hybrid technology, especially plug-in technology. But it's also a difficult market segment where price is a very big factor in the buying discussion of the vehicle, and it's a very competitive sectors with lowest profit margins of any vehicle sector. Additional Government tax relief for EV tech in this market would not only assist the adoption, but provide small business with the incentive to upgrade and save fuel. This would have a very positive bonus to the economy at a local level.
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