For anyone wanting to get a clearer view of the "us vs. them" environment dividing electric-vehicle advocates and everyone else, Plug In Cars' take on Car and Driver's recent review of the Honda Fit EV is instructive.

The innocuous-looking Honda triggered some "anti-EV vitriol" Car and Driver readers. It's not a huge surprise that C&D bashed the model for its high price, tight quarters, limited (compared to the gas model) range and, of course, sub-par road performance. It's one writer's opinion, and that's that. What's more illuminating, though, are the comments from Car and Driver readers, which get into politics, elitism and, yes, Leonardo De Caprio. Oh, what fun. It's a bit of a rabbit hole, but here are a few examples:
  • "[EVs] are for self-hating RICH people who the liberals have made ASHAMED to flaunt their wealth. If I had that kind of money, I'd drive around in a Lamborghini or Veyron. Even now, when people hear my engine and ask how many miles do I get per gallon, I proudly say "10.1"."
  • "EVs are NOT improvements over gas powere vehicles. You have a very short leash on the car and have an extremely long recharge time. You can quick charge the batteries but at the cost of killing their longevity. You may not be spewing fumes outside a tail pipe but you are adding to the energy consumed by power plants. Don't even start with the ridiculous solar panel chargers since it would literally take you a week to get a full charge from the solar panels on tops of an average family home. God help you if you are in an apartment."
In the end, as Plug In Cars says, "anti-EV vitriol is alive and well," and you can read the rest here. For those curious, the Car and Driver review and comments are here. Our own Fit review is here.

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