It's like throwback uniform days at the ballpark, only this happens every day and it's at the police station. A story and video by the Associated Press takes a look at Seattle police officer Jim Ritter and his 1970 Plymouth Satellite police cruiser (the Satellite was renamed Fury in 1975) – and yes, that's him above with the car, Ritter in his period-correct police uniform. As you might guess, this is one of those community relations efforts, but it's no show pony – the Satellite is Ritter's daily driver and he'll ride in convey with Crown Victorias to answer any kind of police call.

Ritter started the Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum 15 years ago, and there are 14 cars in its collection of automobiles. This one was offered by a retired Seattle city worker living in Nebraska, and after it was determined that it was indeed part of the King County Police Department in 1970, the museum restored it with the help of local businesses. It hasn't been made modern, though – it's got no air conditioning, no computer, and 43-year-old ride quality.

Nonetheless, as a woman remarks in the video below, it's "filthy," which means "awesome." You can read even more about it over on KOMO News.