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CHICAGO (AP) - A rainstorm pummeling the Chicago area ripped open a sinkhole large enough to swallow three cars, injuring one driver bad enough that he had to be hospitalized.

Chicago Police Department spokesman Mike Sullivan says the gaping hole opened up in a street on the city's South Side, near Lake Michigan.

He says the injured man was driving when the road buckled and caved in. He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The other two cars were parked.

A camera captured the third call falling into the hole on top of the other two. Check out the incredible video for yourself above.

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      • 1 Year Ago
      That has a "stink-factor" of about 9!
      • 1 Year Ago
      BOSS......................I MIGHT BE A LITTLE LATE FOR WORK TODAY................-
      • 1 Year Ago
      Think that "fire" is a string of street lights.
      • 1 Year Ago
        • 1 Year Ago
        Look Mom no hand's
      Jordan Gehlhausen
      • 1 Year Ago
      Id say the Red is the brake lights that automatically activate in the event of a collision lol. Sad they couldn't move the car. Then again maybe if they had full insurance it might not matter. I'm not sure if car insurance covers random giant sinkholes lol.
      Kevin James Smith
      • 1 Year Ago
      What is that, a Dodge Avenger? Why didn't they show the part where the sinkhole spit that that P.O.S. back out?
        Carl Merson
        • 1 Year Ago
        @Kevin James Smith
        Guess you must be one of those Toy lovers. I have a Dodge Avenger, and it's the best Car I have owned so far. Plus the Gas pedal and Brakes work properly!
      • 1 Year Ago
      He was pretty stupid to try to drive around it!! DUH!
      • 1 Year Ago
      cool and bad
      • 1 Year Ago
      Wait-- they had time to "block off the street", but nobody thoughr it would be a good idea to tow the car away from the edge before it fell in? Something is NOT right with this story...
      • 1 Year Ago
      Not very good or accurate reporting here. Although this happened during the storm it was caused by a broken water main, not the storm. The footage was taken by WGN.
      • 1 Year Ago
      Lots of sink holes lately, must be that global warming again.
        • 1 Year Ago
        Broken sewer line , and global warming is here , no more glaciers on the kilimandjaro , iceberg the size of rhode island , draught and rain , in short unpredictable wether , by the way global warming will ultimatly result in partial ice age as the warm atlantic current melt the artic ice , you will get once again to see the real green land ......
      • 1 Year Ago
      Wow! Does ANYTHING positive happen in Chicago?
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